Someone please get me a therapist. I have had enough of this :(

So I just got my hands on this:

And now I seriously want to smash that “Evolve” button (dude it gets 3500+CP up on evolution) but now all these peeps in my head are screaming “NOOOO” “DON’T U TRY AND DO THAT” “COMMUNITY DAY DUDEEE” and seriously I can’t make up my mind. Pls send help.
PS if you were wondering about that evolve button, my original Gible was so bad my lucky friend told me I had to evolve it before trade. :frowning:

It’s ultimately your choice.

Garchomp will be useful regardless of when you evolve - it’s one of the best Ground-type and Dragon-type attacks with a relatively unique typing.

Its Community Day is likely to be October, after likely Turtwig in September. This isn’t confirmed; if Gible isn’t October, it’d likely then be February. We don’t know the CD move which may or may not be better than its current movepool.

Essentially it’s either evolve now and get an excellent Pokemon, or wait for about 2 months for a chance of an even better Pokemon, at worse the same Pokemon as before.

Personally I would wait simply because there isn’t a need for a Ground-type currently, and the currently obtainable Rayquaza is an overall better Dragon-type. So there is little to lose by waiting till October.


Hang in there! The CD move would be worth it.

You do not need a therapist. Mr-ex777 does.

Garchomp is already the best non-legendary attacker for two types. In other words, it does not need a CD move to be useful and even if it gets a better CD move, those evolved prior to CD will remain useful.


That’s kind of lame your trading partner made you evolve before trading, but I guess you weren’t entirely short on candy.

Like everyone else is saying, there isn’t really a need for garchomp atm. There isn’t really any guarantee a (speculated) CD will offer an exclusive move better than what he has already, and he is the best in the ground department already. Honestly after metagross, most CDs have been for shinys more than moves for me and I usually walk away with at least one 95+ to evolve anyway

This is the stupid thing about special move events, it stops people from evolving (and render lots of evolved forms pretty useless).

if only there had been a way to TM evolved forms for these move, either during the event itself and/or a special event once a year.

For Niantic the difference is really minor between people saving unevolved forms for months. or if they were able to evolve them with a peaceful mind knowing they could be TMed at a future event. Niantic could even sell “special event TMs” to earn money from it.


Besides, Garchomp CD will be October AT BEST.
The very well can put other pokemon between starters like they did with Mareep in april 18, Swinub In february 19 or Slakoth in last june.
So ultimately you can evolve now if you don’t want to wait and see.

I want Rhyhorn for October!

I’m not really expecting Rhyhorn right now. They’re not really done with the Hoenn 3-stages yet, and I suspect October will be Trapinch.


Save yourself the temptation and give it a 2nd move instead. I have a level 38 lucky 100% gabite im sitting on and just leveling up as i get candy, once i get 75 im just gonna throw it into a 2nd move. Im positive I’ll get 100+ candies on community day lol

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You’ll probably get several good candidates when CD comes, so this one won’t be unique then.

Besides, this guy is good in two types: if a CD move obsoletes the other charge move of one of it’s types, just TM it to the other type and voilà.

Finally, there could be months and months until it’s CD.

I’d say evolve it as soon as you see utility for a dragon or ground attacker.

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With Trapinch CD on the horizon (most likely) a dragon/ground type probably won’t be immediately necessary.

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What are the IVs on this?

I get the idea to save the lucky. I’d definitely get the idea to save a 100 or even a 98.

Otherwise, you’ll get more on CD. If you arrange a best friend to trade, you’ll get Luckies on CD too. You’ll likely get one at least at 96%, probably a few. So this one won’t be hugely unique, and you should be able to evolve it now, knowing you’ll get better ones later.

Of course, if it is 100% I would say wait. A 100% is only really amazing if it is truly the best it can be, otherwise it sort of defeats the point.

Personally I evolved mine. And I’ve used it for a lot of things. She currently has over 500+ battles and helped me take down loads of A!Raichu, Raikou and Entei. I’ll just tell you right now, candies will never be an issue. During CD you’ll always catch end up with more than enough candies. The problem with CD lies with the special move. Do you think that special move is worth whatever enjoyment you can get by evolving and using it now? Thats your choice to make.

I evolved mine which is a 15/15/14 and maxed it even got it a second move. It’s a beast in Masters League pvp btw. I’m not worried about CD because when that day comes, I’m going to hit it hard and will plan plenty of lucky trades in advance. If you cant do all that then maybe you should wait, but hey, remember this game should be about having fun first and foremost. I love this pokemon and have had lots of fun using it so even if the CD move is amazing, it wont ever take away the time I spent with this Garchomp.


For the thread; that’s a 14/13/13 Gabite.

Are you in dire need of a Garchomp at the moment OP? I don’t think we currently have a raid boss in rotation or one on the immediate horizon that warrants one. Personally I’d save it, especially if you aren’t planning on making immediate use of it. I’m the mad lad who held onto a hundo Beldum caught in April 2018 because I figured it would receive a community day. Six months later my patience was rewarded.

i’d hold onto it, I’m sitting on a gible myself, but im not evolving him, its like with my 2 shundo raikou, if I have no need for them, they might as well not exist to me and will remain in my bank till they are needed (if ever). Garchomp’s good, but we do have better, had the timing been different, i’d say go for it.

But theres little market for ground types…at all

And for dragons, we do have a plethora of greats. Garchomp’s actually around dragonite level for DPS. It might be good for Zekrom raids with electric moves next gen, but I’d still recommend holding off since most of the top dragons passed before garchomp surfaced.

If PvP’s your thing, master wont be a good home anymore, Togekiss and mamoswine are quite frightening there and garchomp, like almost all dragons is allergic to ice and hearts.

#1. Me-ex777does need a therapist
#2. Not all CD moves are good(Ralts day move was horrible)
#3. Doesn’t garchomp have earth power?

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But I advice on not evolving because right now groudon is best groud and rayquaza is best dragon so you don’t really need it

Salamence is a better dragon, garchomp is dragonite dps tier, only offering better bulk

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Unless you have an immediate need for a Garchomp you may as well wait. Assuming it gets Earth Power it’ll rival Groudon but if we get Landorous shortly after or before it’ll be useless. And Garchomp is middle of the pack on Dragon DPS.