Something fresh for Seliph

So my Seliph build is…pretty boring to be honest

Pretty straight forward but nothing special about it,and to be fair,even if it works,I’m kind of getting tired of using this build for him,I would love to play with something fresh and cool for him

I though about this build which is pretty cool

Just to realize it’s kind of a waste given the fact he gets only 54 spd,while with Repel you want atleast 60 spd from what I know

so yeah,here am I asking you all something cool to do,I would like to work with Divine Tyrfing but feels it’s kind of meh due to no crusader ward,and speed seliph with the resources I have sounds very hard to achieve

Any idea guys?


The second is actually cool

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Basically a supertank Seliph uh?
Interesting,would another B work though? Something less premium?

Whatever you want, Mystic Boost just helps being a better tank