Something somebody wanted to se

So, as per @Tactician who wanted to see something from earlier (I couldn’t find a smaller picture). Here’s an example to what I used to do (and haven’t done int a while, saps a lot of time).

As for the older members of the Forum might very well remember these. I even did a Summer Based mashup (hell I put them up on Reddit a long ass time ago). Oh yeah and as for the title. “Gathering of the Minds”

Umm, Enjoy. I guess.

Author’s note: No, that is not Robin in the middle. That’s my iteration of the “Summoner”


Mix between a few characters. Most prominently.

Mark from FE7 (doesn’t talk for shit)
And the sword is supposed to be a similar weapon to Ragnell, so Ike.
Reasoning? He’s supposed to be an amalgamation of my favorite FE’s. Sadly this was before I added the Sothe scarf…


Sothe: You can’t see me. I don’t wanna be here.

Yeah. This was supposed to be a meeting of the tacticians. Sothe is kinda antisocial and only likes Micaiah, so I half hid him behind a pillar.

That’s really cute!
I sometimes wonder who the best tactitian in FE actually is…

ARVIS OBVIOUSLY! (Totaly objective opinion here!)

I don’t think we will ever know, because there aren’t any “Match” between differents FE


The one from FE7 ofc



Summoner’s cool, though.


To be fair. Arvis plays 6D Chess while everyone is trying to figure out how to play chess. Dude’s a badass.

Hector hard mode flashbacks

That Jerry meme is not only accurate but it makes me feel strange. XD


I remember these!
They were really cute. :birbpeek:
Too bad it’s hard to find posts on the old Q&A now that it’s been scrapped :frowning:

I was honestly so happy when I found the Jerry pic.

It fits with a lot of things, honestly.

All FE have what we could say to be the best “tactican” (and objectively its’ always the pmayer!). But I effectively think Arvis is one of the top, just look at his planning in gen 1 for killing Sigurd, and what he planned gen 2 for helping Seliph. Galaxy brain spotted! (And he is my boi so double points!)

Yeah. Maybe I should post them as I find them in the mess that is my PC folders. Only time will tell.

And yeah. It being scrapped made me sad.

Honestly Arvis and Seliph/Ares/Leif are the reasons genealogy is so good. if not for Arvis being such a remarkable villain, well, Genealogy would seriously not be as nice as it is.

Also the fact that his actual plan and reason for being evil is probably the best reason to be evil. Like, after being abused by his dad, loosing both his parents, and being left alone with his younger brother, it makes one wonder how he turned out so good at heart. And considering what he went through, I can’t blame him for wanting to give anything to have a perfect, pure world.

I just wish Manfroy hadn’t killed Azelle. Arvis wanted to keep Azelle alive because he was one of the reasons the new world was made. Same for his original wife. Jesus, Manfroy sucks.


I can’t help but agree with what you have said.
Manfroy is the main vilain of FE4. Arvis and Julius are just “victims” of his machination.


Exactly. Hell, wasn’t Julius apparently as nice if not nicer than Julia until the tome was forced on him? No wonder Ishtar and the others have such a hard time abandoning him.

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