Something that is quite possibly terrifying

with Kris being the new TT hero with his all new axe weapon, Plegian Axe+, I’ve already begun thinking of builds for best boy Arthur. Plegian Axe with Atk/Def Unity and Threaten Atk/Def can be very scary. Other builds similar to this (like with Tharja’s new tome) would be just as terrifying.
I would like your thoughts.


Unity doesn’t ESPECIALLY help this build; most of the time it is a nice small boost unless YOU get debuffed; then it becomes substantial. The Plegian weapons are more like reverse Bonus Doubler (or maybe Penalty Doubler would be more apt); taking the visible debuffs the OPPONENT has and inflicting an additional invisible debuff equal to the visible debuff + 5. Also you have to be solo for the effect to work, which means you always must be exactly one space away from an ally for both the Unity effect and weapon effect to work, which can be slightly awkward.

What I was personally thinking of doing was giving the Plegian Bow to Felix as a cheaper alternative to Spendthrift Bow; I also have Annette to provide Ruse + Crusher support to make it easier for Felix to be solo and inflict additional Def debuffs for the bow.


Btw what about Plegian Torch+ on Thrasir? She keeps the immediate follow-up attack with Killing Intent. Imagine that combined with a -19 penalty on Res. It also potentially makes her a lot bulkier. She would miss out on the dragon effectiveness though. But still… the horror of facing a +10 Thrasir like that in AR


Ífingr lets her block forced follow-ups, though, which is useful as well. Though with how Spd focused Astra season is, I wonder…

I wonder if the Plegian bow is really that much better than his own Reindeer bow. Atk/def-5 debuff on the enemy is essentially the same as +5 atk/def buff on himself. The main difference is the secondary effect. The Plegian bow is quite powerful here, especially in AR, but I believe Guard can also be pretty useful for tanking.
The thing is I just gave Felix’ bow to my Norne and it might not be worth it to roll for Raphael now… :/

Why Unity? Do you have a consistent way to inflict debuffs on your own Atk/Res? If not then Solo are more consistent. Or just get Close Counter and VF to make the classic enemy phase build.

Atk/Def debuff is superior to Atk/Def buff because an Atk/Def debuff is equal to Atk/Def/Res buff.


See, NORMALLY that would be true, but I’m going to be giving my Felix Special Fighter which makes the Guard effect from Reindeer Bow redundant; also the Atk/Def debuff on the foe essentially gives Felix more Def AND Res, not just Def.

OK thanks, I overlooked the “extra” res part.

Yeah blocking forced follow ups actually does matter, exactly how much idk. F!Lyon’s with inadequate support (or an invested Thrasir), he can’t oneshot that reliably, and is nearly always running QR.