Something wonderful just happened

I know I already made a thread for Gangrel today but something wonderful just happened and I think she deserves to be in the spotlights as well, it’s my first 5 star exclusive +10!

Going in with 160 orbs, I got my last 4 copies from the Hero Fest banner. I pulled the final copy just before running completely dry. I also got another D!Ephraim, Sothis and Bernadetta. This banner is awesome folks!

I know what you think: ‘‘that’s a lot of distant counter and special fighter fodder!’’

That’s your loss

I’ll give her a Rally+ and Armor March and she’ll be set for arena!


Nooooo :smiley:

Nagi deserve this merges :smiley: (i have her also at +10)
Welcome in the +10 Nagi Club :smiley:


that’s a lot of Distant Counter and Special Fighter

Congrats ! She looks absolutely amazing ! I hope she’ll be able to carry you to the greatest heights in Arena ! (Or even in general)


Congrats, she looks great!

I presume Aether is just for scoring :eyes:


Thanks everyone :feh_nino:

She has accelerated special trigger in her weapon so she actually uses it really well :feh_special:


I know, I suppose so :feh_eirikathink:


Congratulations, i personally got 2 copies of her in the past and both Idunn and forsyth have been enjoying the benefits of the skill inheritance, i have one +def -spd but i decided that i might raise her to +1 but her speed sucks but she is an excelent mage tank.