Sometimes, events are the best way to farm mats

And I don’t mean through grinding currency for the store. I mean just be playing events you can get a truckload of materials. For example, I’ve been playing the Saber Wars Lite event and have just been farming the Equipment Gathering - Planet quest to get fous (and whatever else for the currency). In the time that i’ve been grinding, for about a day, I’ve gotten 16 Eternal Gears. If that isn’t incentive to play events, I don’t know what is.


i started to play six month ago and i only farm mats in events


When I got Merlin, I farmed normal events just to 100% his kit, so sometimes that’s needed. This time around, though, I’m in no shortage of these materials.

Yes! I managed to get all the octuplet crystals I needed to ascend one of my servants just from Scathac’s node!

Was so happy because I had to tried to farm in Agartha for the crystals right before Saber Wars started and I came away with zero :face_with_symbols_over_mouth::rage: damn rng…

So far this event has been generous with gears, managed to get 3 in one run.

The event I’m waiting for is the Prism rerun.
As far as I know it has been by far the best place to farm feathers and I believe the drop rate was close to 80%.
Ah. Just one more year and I can get a bunch of that elusive material.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t the drop rate for feathers at least decent in Salem?

It is somewhat decent but it is fairly low for how much I need.
I’ve been farming the Courthouse for a while and sometimes I get only one or two feathers a day.
Hmm. According to gamepress it is almost 36%, I thought it was lower.

Octuplet crystals is one mat I always grab from events when I can because so many of my servants want them but they are so hard to farm normally.

Farming the ideal city for Nero Bride was painful…


I was practically drooling when I got 3 Gears in one go the first time I did the Planet node. I’m still drooling. I’m almost thankful I need so much bronze currency to get all the stuff I want from the shop.

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