Sometimes Feh's math doesn't make any sense

Marth with -6 Atk/Def debuff and paniced

Edit: actually he wasn’t paniced I this one

Marth with -9 spec debuff and paniced

Marth with -9 spec debuff, paniced, and Unity Atk/Spd

Nothing else changed, but why is it that Edelgard does 3 more damage when Marth has +32 Def but only 21 Damage when he only has +20 Def, and on the other side why does Marth does less damage when he has +32 Atk but more when he only has +20 Atk By that logic he should be doing like 0 damage with the +67 Atk

Unless I’m missing something


It’s Marth’s weapon being wacky with the visible buffs/debuffs

A big part of this is Unity is bloating the numbers to make it look like Marth has way more stats in the second pic when in reality you gotta factor in -9 debuffs as well as the Panic into the calcs

So let’s see here

In first pic he is not Panicked and thus gets BD effect

+8 Spectrum from weapon
+6 Spectrum from BD
+12 Atk/Def from Unity
-6 Atk/Def from Twin Crest Power

But remember to factor in the -6 Atk/Def visible debuff and the +6 spectrum visible buffs into the final calc, so it winds up being a net +20 to his Atk/Def

In the second pic he gets

+8 Spectrum from weapon
+30 spectrum from Unity between Panic and debuffs
-6 to Atk and Def from TCP

But you have to subtract -15 spectrum because of the visible debuffs

So he has a net Atk/Def of +17, which is actually less than what he had with BD and not panicked. That is why Edelgard is doing more and Marth is doing less

This is why a Unity A slot is so important when doing this.


Ah, yah that’d make sense, always forget about the networth part of unities


Such a simple and easy game to play… said no one ever…


Half the time when I play this game I feel like I’m back in Highschool… which doesn’t help that I failed pretty much every class aside from art, construction and designing, and creative writing

Also doesn’t help that I’m like half asleep


This game makes me feel dumb.

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The only math worth learning is x 2 and x4. :feh_reinthink:

The rest is pointless.


I play by instinct most of the time. If I read every enemy’s skills I would never start playing. I usually look for the skills that usually hurt me the most, like movement skills and such. Then I usually remember the characters that tend to be more dangerous in general and I am more careful when taking them out.

Doing math for every encounter would make you a winner, most of the time, but it sounds so incredibly boring.

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I don’t even look at skills on enemies these days… I just assume the unit is built the same way as every other version of that unit is built cuz hardly no one uses creative builds these days


Agree, a few years ago it was harder to anticipate units, I think. It may be because the recent units have much more specialized skills and stats. Units with very high attack / speed, vs units with very high attack / def + res. So most of them play in a very specific way, player phase or enemy phase. Very few mixed builds in my opinion.

Some years ago, the stats were more flexible, you could make many units defensive or fast or whatever. And not every wall had high def AND res, you had to choose, which felt more strategic.

Or that’s the way I remember things anyway.