Sometimes, I extend VGMs

Hello everyone! During the past couple months back when I posted this, I’ve been working on a side “project” of sorts, which consists of extending VGMs that haven’t been extended on YouTube.

Feel free to watch or track this thread as I’ll use it to post future VGM extensions, I expect it to be revived from time to time which is totally fine.
However, please stay on topic, it’s much appreciated!

Do I take requests?

Yes, but preferably based on OSTs of games from older consoles like the SNES, or tracker music (extensions like: Module (.mod), Extended Module (.xm) or Impulse Tracker (.it) to name a few) as these are more likely to stay afloat for longer.
If there’s no status viewer for the console for which the music was made, I’ll use the old Goom visualization (homepage) or any from ProjectM.

Preview of the old Goom visualization, since it’s almost unknown and it’s an entirely revamped thing nowadays (this is NOT an extended track):

Example of an extension done with ProjectM visualizations:

Notes about requests

  • Any console VGM should be fine as long as it’s relatively old, but I’m preferring SNES music, or tracker formats.
  • I should be able to record up to an hour or two just fine, but I think 30m is an ideal length.
  • Your request may take a while to be fulfilled, from hours to even days or weeks, this depends on the availability of a computer and other things, so I appreciate your patience.
  • It’s preferred that the VGM was never extended on YouTube.
  • For requests, it’s highly preferred you contact me at my channel, since I’m more active there. Commenting on any video is fine of course.


Here’s the full list of VGMs that I’ve extended so far:

And some examples for you to listen from here if you like:

Additionally, here are a very few ambiance sound effect extensions, but I don’t do these as often:


(Contains 3 terms)
  • SPC700: the sound processor in charge of processing all audio-related commands on the Super Nintendo Entertainment System and part of the SNES APU, which is a hardware subsystem that houses all of the audio-related components including the digital->analog converter and the ARAM. Some features include heavily compressed and sampled instruments, 64KB of ARAM (of which 58KB is allocated to samples), white noise generation up to 32KHz, 32KHz sample playback rate, ADSR/Gain envelope, pitch modulation, etc.
  • Tracker music: refers to the kind of music composed with tracker software such as OpenMPT. Tracker music presented on a grid in which you can view the semitones, octaves, samples, etc. written with the software. On the topic of trackers, FamiTracker is a neat one because you can compose NES-like music with it, I recommend checking it out if you’re interested on that kind of thing, for SNES it’s on a whole different level mostly because the learning curve is different as the audio subsystem introduces a lot of new features compared to the SNES, but SNES Tracker and OpenMPT with SNESMOD are some good start points.
  • VGM: acronym for “video game music”.

That’s it

Thank you for reading this post and I hope you’ve liked the idea.

Originally, I was thinking of placing this topic in #fire-emblem-heroes:fehfluff with #off-topic tag to see if this draws the interest of more people, and, after a while, move it to the #lounge so that it’s easier to find but… I’ve decided it might not be a good idea and not worth pestering the mods for this, so… here we go, straight onto a not-so-active section, anyway, new extensions will be posted in the comments if I’m around, but you’ll get early-time notifications by subscribing to my YT channel.



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I’ve been thinking, there’s a sound volume difference with my two recent extensions (Tine’s theme and “Those Who Obstruct” from FE3) done on my current computer and the ones done with one of my familiar’s computer and my previously working PC, I still don’t think it’s a major problem but it’ll probably bug me for a while despite the audio being well hearable at maximum volume with my headset and on my phone.

Main issue though, is raising the volume above 50%, that’ll make the recordings more prone to sound crackling.
Yeah… I guess I’ll need to take some additional measures like making a separate audio recording only thing with Audacity, I’m thinking of workarounds now I could test for future extensions I do with my current computer.


Extend it if you have the time somehow please, Dracula X have some good trippy songs like this one or Bloodlines.


Got it. :+1:
I’ll add it to the wait list, I think I can at least start experimenting tomorrow with Audacity to see if this creates better audio “quality” recordings.

I’ll @ you here once I got the track extended successfully.

And I agree, overall, I like more Dracula X’s version of the soundtrack than Rondo of Blood, though it’s the latter that’s better executed and is richer in content.


Rondo of blood is Richter in content.


now extend Metamorphosis (all 5) from 30 minutes to 30 hrs

Imma go listen to some of them when I have the time :feh_nino:

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Wow, 30 hours, I'll certainly end up frying my computer. :crazy_face:



Can you extend the Silesse Castle Town Theme when you get the time? The longest I can find is only 15 minutes :feh_elisad:

No hurry though, take your time

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Definitely, I’ll take note of your request.

Anyone else, please wait until I free at least one spot to extend a VGM, first come first serve.
They’re going to be taken care of in the advertised order.


Thanks :fgo_ereshwoah:

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Alrighty, after making the tests I was intending to on the comment I’m replying to, I’ve managed to do a successful extension of Golbez’s theme with higher volume and lack of sound crackling.

There’s a free spot for another VGM request now, I have a few pieces in mind, but I’d like to give someone the chance to request since I’ve made most of the choices in my channel.

Next in line is “Den” from Castlevania: Dracula X (SNES) as L_ara requested.


@Monica : here’s the VGM extension you requested.

Next request in queue is “The City of Silesia” from Fire Emblem: Genealogy of the Holy War, which was requested by RoysOurBoy.

@RoysOurBoy : here’s yo request.


Thank you! :feh_hridexcited:

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Rise and shine.

This was probably not known but, even during my break I was still taking requests, just on YouTube.
Either way, figured I have to bring this back up, hopefully more people see it, feel free to drop requests.

I’m adding one of my own to the wait list: the “Boss” theme from Castlevania: Dracula X.

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Oh hey. :upside_down_face:

I actually forgot about sharing my VGM extension which I uploaded yesterday, before then, I’ve been procrastinating as usual.

Here goes.

This time, I’ll extend tracker music: the “Cave” theme from SuperTux, a not-so-known classic in computer gaming.
Most of its music is in .mod format, meaning it was composed with an actual tracker software.
Playback of module files is possible via VLC media player, but there’s software that gives you a little more control over that format and even visualize a live chart with notes represented as letters/numbers/symbols that scrolls down as the audio plays, the last thing is possible via OpenMPT or its playback component for Foobar2000, Droidsound-E also plays it but there’s no status visualization for the SPC700 nor tracker formats atm, however, those options will let you, most notoriously, loop the song seamlessly for as much times as you want.


This is weird but I discovered a minor sound crack around minute 19 on this extension, I’ll add it to a list of VGM to be extended in strict quality check (OP will be updated) for when I get a computer with better specs… my Brazilian “potato” ain’t making it easy… :feh_hecstare:
I really could swear I heard the entire song with a headset always ON before uploading and after rendering, this is quite frustrating…

Anyway, while this isn’t an extension, it’s still a track I wanted to share, I love it when it gets to 1:17, it feels like the song’s climax, sometimes, I feel goosebumps from listening to it because it’s so epic Imo.

The next extension which is still the “Cave” theme from SuperTux might take longer as I would like to use OpenMPT but ShareX drops a lot of frames so I need an actual screen recording software, turns out that using their actual software (OpenMPT) instead of the Foobar2000 plug-in gives away more info and allows for more customizability.
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Hey, so, uhhh… turns out I might have some trouble extending tracker themes, guess we’ll make do with SNES stuff for now.

Anyway, here’s another successful extension:

This is the theme that plays in the latest #fire-emblem-heroes New Heroes trailer.

After this, wanna extend Veld’s, guy’s got a banger theme to listen.


Hey hey :)

Here’s another VGM extension, the music used in the latest #fire-emblem-heroes trailer:

I’ve tried using Camtasia Studio 2020 and Bandicam for recording, it’s incredible how benefitial this change of software has benefitted me, Camtasia is easier to use and I’m already familiar with it, what’s more, Bandicam has been improving a lot these past few years, so I don’t need to record a separate clip anymore it seems. :feh_florina:

I hope you enjoy this piece! Also, I may be able to use my PC tomorrow so I can finally extend the cavern theme from SuperTux with good performance as I’ll be using the OpenMPT software.

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