Sometimes, I extend VGMs


In anticipation for the banner with Spring Idoun coming in less than two weeks, I’ve decided to extend Idoun’s theme from Fire Emblem: Sword of Seals, I’m also testing different visualizations (from projectM) since this is a GBA theme and there’s no “audio status” visualizer for it, unlike the SNES’ SPC700 which has like 3 at least. :feh_tooobin:
I still want to use the old “Goom!” visualizations shown in the OP but the VM runs very sluggishly on my laptop, so that’ll have to wait.

Anyway, enjoy!


You finished it :feh_hridexcited:

It sounds cool, just the kind of music you’d expect during an epic boss fight. It sounds great :feh_arvisboneappetite:

Also the new visuals are kinda trippy at times but they’re pretty cool all the same

Nice work :fgo_ereshwoah:

And good luck with S!Idunn :feh_excidunn:

Also side note but Shaman in the Dark is an awesome name :feh_birbpeek:


Hello, another VGM I managed to extend:

For some reason, [Key On] lights up a lot most of the time a new note plays on all the channels, this happens a lot on all of this game’s themes, I’m just curious as to why and what is the [Key On] feature used for, since most SPCs played with a status viewer often show [Key On] briefly activate at random times.

Anyway, this is a beautiful track, I was playing it a lot yesterday during my self-imposed isolation, it plays at the very introduction of the game, and the game plays a long enough cutscene to fully play the theme but only once.
Anyway, I hope you enjoy it!


This theme plays in the latest Special Heroes trailer of #fire-emblem-heroes and it’s also the allied army phase theme in Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones, I just extended it since it wasn’t extended by anyone else, surprisingly enough.


Ooh Sacred Stones music is always welcome to me :feh_birbpeek:


I’m probably going to celebrate this everywhere. :feh_tooobin:

Happy 25th anniversary to Fire Emblem: Genealogy of the Holy War!
Here’s a music from that game I wanted to extend:

I’ve also made this post which is related… :catdance:

No way I was going to wake up in the morning only to find it’s not 5/14 in Japan. :catroll:


Hey. :)

Another extension and so soon.

This time, I’ve extended a theme that was already extended on YT… however, this one was requested in mt channel because the extensions out there were missing a motif, so I tried to share my own extension.

I hope you’ll enjoy this one.


I remembered this thread and wanted to share an update before it’s left outdated for God knows how long.

I’ve gotten started with the Jurassic Park franchise some time ago (early July iirc), although it’s mostly known for its movies and books (?) I’ve gotten started with the games I’ve read about because I’m always on the lookout for more SNES music and I have to thank for that.
Below is my latest extension, I’m currently working on the extension for “High Ptera” from the same game.

I also finished Secret of Evermore and Alcahest, I extended one track of each game this month.

Should you want to track updates, feel free to check out my channel, I’d give directions through links but new user limitations are in place so… there are some playlists you can bookmark if you’re not going to subscribe.


I’m leaving a bit ahead of time but here’s my latest extension:

God, I love this, it feels rather powerful.

Any requests can be sent through DMs on the sites I use (see profile) or public posts.

See you next time.


I can fix this now that I was promoted, so here goes for convenience.
I’m currently extending only SNES music and very rarely anything else but feel free to drop your requests and/or what you’d like to hear more.


Here you’ll find the video game music I extended.


Here you’ll find extendable sound effects like rainstorms and water courses ambiance sounds such as that of rivers.


Since I’m around for a very short time, might as well post my latest VGM extension, finished today:

This has been in my head for some days.

Also, I thought my extension on “High Ptera” from Jurassic Park 2 had minor sound cracking, but it seems to be part of the SPC dump itself (hear at 27:54 with headset) and it’s hardly audible, so a re-extension won’t be needed.


Since I was on a short visit on GP to post an update in the #fire-emblem-heroes #sara appreciation post, I’ve taken the opportunity to post a VGM extension I just finished today:


Man… this game is a rather strange case, I love the music, it feels quite atmospheric and some of it goes well with the post-apocalyptic setting of Waterworld, but the controls and difficulty of the game are terrible. It was more frustrating than fun, but its OST delivers, and is a good introduction to the eponymous movie, I like the premise, so I’ll watch it later and share thoughts on Tumblr.

Anyway, I’ve extended the theme that plays after rescuing the atollers, it never gets to play fully since the [Credits] rewards screen never stays for longer than ~10s and it closes itself even if you don’t press any button.
The atollers rescuing missions are the most tedious thing in the game Imo, so many Smokers’ ships clog near the player together and you need to keep an eye on the hostages if you want to stock up on [Credits].
I’m almost finished with it I think, but that’s about what I think of the game.

I hope you like the music!


Since I came to post something interesting happening in FEH for me, might as well post this extension too:

I did it a few days ago… the most iconic boss in the game needed it.

Secret of Evermore left a rather lasting and positive impression on me, being one of the soundtracks I recurrently come back to listen.

Something interesting happens in channel 3 of this track, you’ll likely notice one sample (xylophone) and then another one (string?) playing on it without the voice value (which is akin to an ID) changing except it randomly changing to “9” for whatever reason, like how it happens on other channels.

Anyway, enjoy!


After Thraxx’s theme, I did extend a few more tracks from random games, but one of them will be fixed once I return from my vacation after New Year (there’s a minor video freeze in it), and I can extend more tracks and do other videos after then.
But here’s one track that I love so much and is free from bugs (envelope types may blink but rarely, even so, it’s not a bothersome bug as having the video randomly freezing in some part):


It does have a heavy feeling of suspense with it.

I’m enjoying the Turrican games, but so far I only finished Super Turrican for the SNES and now need to finish the sequel, also on the SNES, barely played it, but it looks great, and it has a larger soundtrack scored by Chris Hülsbeck, his work with the soundtrack is wonderful.

Anyway, I hope you like it!


After some time since the last extension, I managed to do one recently, checked thoroughly for lag and sound crackling, it’s good to go here:

(Link to video)

Some interesting quirks are that the same things as Secret of Evermore, Doom, and a few other games happen in the SPC700, which include the voice values sticking to the same values and randomly changing to “9”, plus the same Gain envelopes (Line Increase, Direct and Line Decrease).
The only lead I have is that those games use the same sound engine, or something like that, but I’m not too technical on the audio-related stuff of the SNES/SFC as of yet.

But Star Wars is a franchise I plan to revisit later on when I explore Jurassic Park some more, I’ve yet to finish the third movie in the original trilogy, but I’ll find some time later.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy this extension!


Another banger straight from the SNES catalog, this time: Made in Germany™.
Here goes:

(Link to video)

I’ve progressed thru Super Turrican 2 some more and although I haven’t played these past few days, I fondly remember the pieces I’ve listened to in-game, before checking the SPC memory dumps provided by Zophar’s Domain.
Seven channels of Gain envelope goodness, no echo/surround/noise/modulation was needed to make this masterpiece, and yet it’s a rather complex piece to analyze, as it happens voices are fixed but samples are always changing from channel to channel (except for whatever is at channel 6 which normally remains consistent depending of the track).

Anyway, I hope you like it!


Hello, I’ve updated the OP, feel free to check it out, though there aren’t many changes, I mostly reworded some stuff.

Here’s also two new VGM extensions which I’ve finished recently:

Links if the embedded videos aren’t appearing [extension 1], [extension 2]

The first extension is from a fighting game based on the popular stories and cast from DC’s media like Superman and others, it’s relatively short and with a simple story, but fun and with great music. I’ve started with “Green Arrow” since I quite liked it and it’s a relaxing ambiance sound… more than a character theme.

The second one is a special case, I’m a sucker for grim, suspenseful or sad music more than anything cheerful, upbeat, or whatever, “Suspense” from Doom just fits the bill and is probably my favorite in the game so far, even though it can get kind of repetitive to some. BTW, you’ll notice the pitch gauge doesn’t change for the most part even when the pitch is increased or decreased for @1 (the voice on channel 1), this is because foo_gep's SPC700 status view estimates the pitch in a graphical way as the pitch range is very wide (in hexadecimal, it can be anything between 0x0000 until 0x3FFF, which has a lot of values inside) so it’s not an encoding issue and this applies to my other SNES/SFC extensions as well, so if you’d like an exact view of the pitch amount, I recommend checking out Dgrfactory’s SPCPLAY (Windows/WINE only) and find a SPC dump of the track then play it there, you can use the left/right arrow keys until you find the pitch information which will be on hexadecimal. In my case I still prefer foo_gep for both playback and recording extensions since its SPC700 status viewer is the easiest to understand (Kurohane’s (“黒猫SPC” in this page if you’d like to check it) and Dgrfactory’s have a lot of info which might be overwhelming ATM and that applies to me as well. :feh_tooobin:) and the aesthetic looks good too, though it’s sad it can’t be upscaled, the window size is kinda small…

(A little trivia about this track's SPC700 status if you're interested)

I've noticed a couple of games so far while looking for various SPC sets from licensed games, that use the same voice values (from 0 to 7) that randomly change into 9 for a very small amount of time and use Line Increase/Decrease and Direct GAIN envelopes, Doom is another one of those cases.

Other games that I noticed the same thing happens include:

  • Air Cavalry
  • Looney Tunes B-Ball
  • Pitfall: The Mayan Adventure (which also uses Bent Line Increase very rarely and on sound effects, maybe the other games do so too?)
  • Ren and Stimpy: Time Warp
  • Secret of Evermore
  • Super Star Wars 3: Return of the Jedi

Not sure if there's any more... but so far I found and remember these.
Doing some research, I found out that every game in the SNES has to use a sound engine/driver (which I think is like a framework or DAW to compose the music and handle it on the SPC700 but Idk what it actually is useful and important for), but there's not much info on those, however, there are names floating around like BMus, the companies behind each video game would develop them and the music composers would just use them and input the notes while working with the APU's limits.

So… seeing that all those games and more also listed on the GDRI linked just above seem to use the same engine but on different variants, it’s possible that the thing about the voices (which is the most intriguing behavior because of them mostly being fixed except for when they randomly change to 9) is something coded into the engine intself to obfuscate the real voice values, but I have no idea yet why would the devs code behaviors like these, sounds like some extra unnecessary labor I think.

Oops… that’s quite a ramble but you can ignore it, however the thing about the pitch for the second extension might catch your attention specially since there are other tracks I’ve previously extended in which you’ll likely notice that happening so you might like to skim my observations above a little, but anyway: I hope you’ve enjoyed these tracks if you’ve listened to them! :feh_lilithpray:


Hello all! More music to share after a lengthy procrastination period to check them, here they go:

I forgot to point it before but I’m trying a new thumbnail format in hopes to make my style more consistent in the future, since I’m also using this style for the FEH summoning marathon videos’ thumbnails.
Speaking of these, the video for the summon marathons during March-April 2022 has been finally finished and it’s currently rendering, before it can finally be uploaded, it’ll be posted on my #sonya appreciation post.

Thanks for dropping by and as always, I hope you have enjoyed the music if you listen to it!



Here are two more from the same game this time:

Doom Troopers is a SNES 2D shooter videogame in which you advance through a couple levels in some of the planets in the Solar System and defeat the bosses that are a threat to the universe.
I finished the first two levels and saved during the boss fight, so I’m rather early as of this post, however it’s a fun (and rather bizarre if I may add) game with some catchy music Made In Los Angeles™ (the game’s composer is Fletcher Beasley, who has his own website right here).

As a little trivia, in the boss fight theme, the beats rhythm is actually a whole sample, you’ll see it’s the voice 63.



Hello all!

More music again, this time going with more atmospherical, sad and/or dreadful themes from two games from the epic catalog the SNES has:

The last one (“The Demons from Adrian’s Pen” from Doom) has a special tidbit of info that you might like to know about, it entails what inspired its creation and naming:


I hope you like these!