Son Team



Hello I am running a hybrid/son team with Red ss2 gohan and ultimate gohan, up until now I was using red ss3 Goku but I just acquired Kaioken Goku and now am not sure what to do here, I do not have 5 star pan or 5 star yellow SS gohan thoe. Currently on the bench I got super trunks and SS goten thoe and since they do not provide son family buffs wasn’t sure it would be good to switch them out. And if some one could tell me because I can’t figure out why I would want SS kid trunks over super trunks who provides same buff plus crit


Well that’s probably just you, i think you should research more before you decide who to have on the bench


??? Did u even answer my fucking question

And no I did my research, and unless I have 5 stars for the character to unlock both of his buffs I really don’t see a point I wouldn’t want to go with SS Goten and super trunks for my bench if I don’t have SS kid trunks at 5, never stated I had 5* and the guide never mentioned this is based off 5* or this is subject to change based on 5* so basing it off having none just to make it a even playing field my question was wouldn’t that be better then SS kid trunk and SS kid goten


For thebench ithink you should domore investigation for theanswer toyour question.