Sonya build without Special Spiral?

I got a free Sonya from the first weekly revival banner (Don’t ask me how I got that on 2% I have no clue ) and I wanna build her. Why do all these suggested builds say to give her special spiral? If you have a special spiral, isn’t better to just use the Lewyn you got it from, who is just a better green tone than her in general? What other good builds are there for this babe that put her a step above the rest? I already have a Lewyn so she might just be garbage but I saw that she is tier 3 and I like her character and SoV a lot. Thanks!

Because the suggested build is based on making that unit better. Doesn’t make sense to not make a good build for Sonya (at least suggested or theorizing) because the unit the fodder comes from is arguably better, expensive, etc.


I don’t use special spiral. I use her on AR defense with WoM and instant Luna

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Sonya’s most threatening setups ( Turn 1 Dragon Fang or Glacies) are really expensive and restrict team-building a lot, as you have to send her out with at least 3 Infantry Pulse teammates and/or have her supported with a Velouria to fully charge her special on the first turn.

Whereas you can literally throw out base kit Lewyn onto the field and he’ll perform extremely well in almost any team. If you really like Sonya then go ahead and build her, but Lewyn will generally perform better than her for a much lower cost.

Did you forget she has Quickened Pulse 2 on her tome’s refine? Not to mention her tome also has +10 damage on special activations. Lewyn requires way more Infantry Pulse support to pull off a 4 CD special.

As a fellow Sonya fan, I approve of your choice.

This is the build I run on her. Admittedly I am looking for special spiral 3 on her but this build works for me.

Mine is +Spd/-Res. What is your Sonya’s IV?

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Ohhhhhh I completely forgot about that xD I’m such an idiot, I didn’t remember she’d already gotten a refine.

I guess it’s not that expensive to set her turn 1 special up then. But pushing her damage to the max would still require a lot more inheritance as the skills she needs to make the most of her special activation, such as Death Blow 4 and Special Spiral, aren’t exactly easy to come by.

With Lewyn’s base kit you can just slap a Flashing Blade seal on him and the reverse Desperation effect of Forseti means he’ll charge his base special (Glimmer ) on the first hit and activate on the next. You literally don’t need to replace any of Lewyn’s base skills for him to perform well (although you can if you want to, ATK/SPD Solo is great on him as well as skills like Null Follow-Up, but again they’re not easy to come by.)

I run this at the time I didn’t have SS for her

It’s -HP + Def unfortunately but it’s my first one so many I can get a merge in the future? :crossed_fingers:

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You can start building her since she will appear in the 14th week of Gen 1 summons.

These IVs are good for her
-+Atk and Death Blow 3 for one hit special power
-+Spd with Fury works with Desperation/Brash Assault build or Brazen Atk/Res or Spd 3
-+Res and Fury gives her Iceberg/Glacies extra power while going well with dual ploys almost like this

Sorry for the overload. I’m a Sonya fanatic. You don’t need to summoner support her like me.

You should go with what you feel is best for you.
Good Luck.

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Don’t apologize! We all have characters we’re obsessed with! Mine is Ike personally, but I love Sonya sooo much because she’s a really good example of a sexy/thotty-looking character with an actual great character arc… I love her dynamic with Genny and her motives for fighting. Female video game characters can look sexy and still be powerful and progressive! I’ll definitely take your advice and try my best to build her.

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I made my Sonya a mage tank that helps boost my Tharja Hex.

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