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Weekly Revival Banners are no joke! Took my Sonya from +2 all the way to +10 in ~400 orbs, but now I want some feedback on how to maximize her for AR . I’m working on the rest of the dragon flowers and will probably change her special, but any suggestions are very welcome.




All depends on how much Infantry Pulse is used along with her I’d say :feh_legion:

With 1 or more you can switch to Iceberg/Glacies and then Mirror Impact will be her best A-slot :feh_birbpeek:


Big brain strat: IP Velouria for instant Aether :feh_tooobin:


Congrats for maxing best Valentia girl :feh_arvisboneappetite: she’ll serve you well.

Well, my advice, let’s see… this is my build:

I’ve retrieved the info I wrote here so some of you may find it familiar, anyways…

While [Death Blow 4] isn’t as optimal because you can’t increase the damage of the AoE this way you can increase both the damage of the normal strike (rarely needed but useful), and mainly the attack check for [Heavy Blade 3], let me do a breakdown:

  • [Dark Excalibur (+eff)]: it grants +10 dmg. for offensive specials, this includes AoEs. Also it grants her CD-2 at the start of the first turn, this is really useful for chained maps like in [Tempest Trials+] events
  • [Draw Back]: personally what fits best magic units like her, this moves both her and the ally one square back to the direction you used it (ex.: if it was used from the left both units will move to the left a square)
  • [Blazing Wind]: IMO the most efficient AoE because this produces an attack that deals [ 1.5 × (user's visible attack - target's resistance) ] at the cost of smaller coverage than {growing} specials — [Blazing Wind] covers a 1-square radius in a “+” shape (5 blocks) area which is the best as it’s more likely to find enemies together like this, mainly in [Grand Counquests], [Rival Domains] and even some [AR-O].
    The damage is NON-LETHAL, meaning the target’s HP will drop as lowest as 1.
  • [Death Blow 4]: I don’t really recommend it, I have it because that’s what I have and I really favor her.
    It raises attack by +8 on initiation however the buff is invisible, she won’t deal extra damage by special with this skill.
  • [Special Spiral 3]: this is the main engine for this build and key to spam AoEs… with this skill if the special triggers before or during combat your unit gets -2 CD after combat (AoEs trigger before so each time it procs the skill will activate), [Heavy Blade 3] compliments her best because it’s her bigger stat and checks are easier to pass, her total attack needs to be at least one point higher than that of the enemy’s total, I’ll describe the flow of the build below
  • [Even Atk Wave 3]: just a skill for some self buffing, blue buff of attack+6 on even turns (2, 4, 6, …)
  • [Heavy Blade 3]: needed for her to spam AoEs as consistently as possible


This gives a general idea of how the build works, after this you should read the next sections since things may not go as expected without some planning!.
Let’s see…:

  1. You start the map and Sonya gets her [Blazing Wind] to CD=2 but either 2×[Infantry Pulse 3] from teammates or 1×[Infantry Pulse 3] + [Time’s Pulse 3] will bring the CD to 0 on the first turn, readying the special
    It’s quite expensive to set-up but it makes a difference to have an AoE ready.
  2. Order Sonya to attack.
    If her AoE is ready, the following will happen:
  3. Her [Blazing Wind] activates and deals an area attack before the combat begins
  4. The CD resets to 4 and combat begins
  5. She attacks normally the enemy, generally being able to finish it off
  6. If she passed the check for [Heavy Blade 3] during the finishing attack she’ll get CD=2, otherwise it’s going to be CD=3
  7. [Special Spiral 3] will activate and grant Sonya 2 special charges after combat
  8. In the best scenario which is generally easy to meet the special will be ready for another attack


:white_check_mark: She can “double” enemies that prevents follow-ups, this is the simple way for me to explain it but unless she’s faster than the enemy it’s just the AoE activating and the finishing blow
:white_check_mark: AoEs are executed outside of combat, meaning that their activation won’t charge enemy specials in case her target has to be someone she can’t KO
:white_check_mark: Highish damage toward enemies together, remember the area:

- X -
- X -
(The bigger "X" is the enemy she's attacking and the center of [Blazing Wind]'s attack) This is a great boon for dealing with the reinforcement spawns in [Grand Conquests] and [Rival Domains] since 4 enemies appear in an incomplete "+" shape, provided there were 4 or less enemies (at the end of EP)


:bulb: [Life and Death 4] is perfect for her, she has low DEF and her magic bulk will still be high, in return of the loss for these stats’ bases by -5 she would gain attack&speed stats’ bases +7, I wish I could have it but I don’t sadly :pensive:.
:bulb: [Time’s Pulse 3] is great for an extra special charge, it’s very expensive however but it’s a good alternative, it’s a great help on {tactic} teams where you can have only one more infantry unit however.
:bulb: If you take the previous recommendation you’ll need only one infantry unit for [Infantry Pulse 3], the best candidate is Ninian, we all get one for free and her HP is amazingly high, she’s blue too so it adds color variety.
Nowi is another great unit to bring along.
Either one can have [Sudden Panic 3] and/or a [Panic Ploy] seal to help Sonya with more damage and easier attack check passes
:bulb: If you’re NOT willing to give her [Time’s Pulse 3] she should get two infantries with [Infantry Pulse 3], that’s far less costly but you shouldn’t use {tactic} teams because she can’t benefit from their buffs and the other infantries however (the other types may get blue buffs from {tactic} skills provided they don’t have 3+ mates with same movement type)
:bulb: If you have NY!Alfonse or support her with Velouria you can use longer CD specials, but the former only works if you’re using him


:x: Powercreep is making her hard to run her build specially with damage mitigation being more available and busted PRFs, be careful with the red swords you send her to!
:x: Weak to [Vantage], the AoE runs before combat, meaning that before she can deal a normal attack, if the enemy has said skill and can counter her the enemy will attack first. Protect her! :feh_nobulli:
:x: Investment is high, to make her build work at its best it takes quite some set-up


Despite all of this I plan to take my own highest-investment recommendations to make her a purple-haired Goddess of sharp gales :feh_obotank:.
I don’t regret any investment, she runs her build near efficiently, sure, some enemies don’t let her fully charge the AoE but they’re quite rare for me and generally she cripples down her enemies.

Let me share a few shots, I wanted to share her average performance:

Build+stats of that Eirika:

That’s what I use on her but for [AR-D] it’ll likely need you use something different, @NickofTime80 is far more advisable on that area than me but I’ve tried to come up with something based off his build:

I’m thinking something like this where she becomes a great offensive unit and magic check, though it’s very premium it’s really effective.

I also made something more budget, since she already has [Special Spiral 3] I included it so as to make use of it:

[Mirror Stance 2] is on Gharnef at 4★ and [Even Atk Wave 3] on F!Delthea at 4★, if you don’t want to use them we can go even more budget, based off your build:

I can recommend making these changes:

SPECIAL [Iceberg]
S [Swift Sparrow]

Though the current seal is fine, you can also use something that, for example, increases her speed, it’s quite workable.

Anyways I think these make good builds for [AR-D], I use her on [AR-O] with my own AoE spam build and she’s great with it


Congratulations on maxing out her!!! She does pretty good as one shot mage so the build you have is pretty good.

@af1899 gave a great offensive build with her so here’s my own;

Her Res is fairly high so she’ll deal more damage with Mirror Impact + Iceberg/Glacies. But Death Blow 4 + Draconic Aura can work well with her with IP support or Quickened pulse.

I can help with AR-D Sonya If you want.

Here’s the build I run on her in AR-D,

(She’s blessed by Duma and Thrasir and IP supported by B!Ike. She is great at stopping Vantage sweepers and beating a lot of non red super tanks with this build.)

If you’re going to use Sonya on your AR-D team, best use strong or supportive Infantry pulse users (Seliph, Ninian, B!Ike and Virion). You could fodder Lif or Sothis for Time’s Pulse but two IP users might be easier to obtain (and Lif and Sothis can pretty useful in AR-D IP team)

I don’t really recommend the blazing wind strategy on AR-D since Vantage sweepers can ruin her without Hardy Bearing which she needs Heavy blade with Special spiral (or unless you another anti Hardy Bearing next to her like Dragonslasher or Hardy Bearing Kagero/Sothe).

Blazing Wind spam + L!Azura/dancer is better on Ophelia because of her cooldown but Sonya deals more damage with hers. Still, I recommend Dragon Fang + Death Blow 4 + Chill Res 3/Hardy Bearing /Quickened Pulse seal for her on AR-D as a one shot mage.

I hope that helps you a little bit.

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When af1899 replies with a massive analysis
1510827082_swbf2 just like the simulations meme


I also just +10 Sonya this week.

Im running her with mainly as a Glacies nuke w/ Fury on AR-D (waiting for Mirror Impact to show on a banner again to pull). Might consider pulling AR-D Atk/Res 3 for a more consistent +10 Atk/Res on both phases, with the update coming with an extra structure.

For general purpose I’m using her just with glimmer/moonbow and special spiral spam. Really hoping an inheritable 2cd skill comes out that uses res, which isn’t unreasonable given that Altina has a 2cd +40% res special.

I like all of these ideas! I have Mirror Impact fodder so I’ll add that to her list. I have a max invested Ross with IP I can use on her team and I have a Velouria in my bench I can maybe pair up with Sonya. Is first turn Aether worth it at all?

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Great! She can certainly get the [Mirror Impact] skill as one of her builds (you can always give her an AoE spam build like mine or Nick’s [Aether Raids] builds).
Ross can certainly be a good mate to pair up with Sonya, pulsing her is great to help her charge specials :+1: but maybe it’s best you only bring along Velouria (specially if you need your other mates unreplaced) since her [Wolfpup Fang] grants CD-2 at turn 1 to both her and supported unit (in this case Sonya)… it adds up she’s colorless and a quite strong unit on her own, you can certainly try out her support capabilities :ok_hand:t2:.

Nah, Sonya generally only wants either instant AoE or instant Glacies (for AR-D strats). If you’re going instant Aether you might as well make your job easier with Luna, because she likely won’t need the Aether healing, being a oneshot nuke.

Ok lemme take this opportunity to share a few of my Sonya sets:

AoE: while LnD4 offers max firepower, I’m also a fan of Fury 4. At max hp, Fury 4 does enough recoil damage that she can attack -> get danced -> attack -> get danced -> attack, and then be in WoM range for the last dancer on turn 1. Excellent for tough PvE stuff like Abyssal MHBs.

You’re on the right track with a general purpose 2CD nuke set, I run this for some general purpose stuff as well:

This is her AR-D set, new and improved with Lull Atk/Res. More of a one and done set i always pair with other nukes who satisfy other criteria like Sothe and Ophelia, this set is great for tearing apart fully buffed superunits people assume can take her due to lull res. Usually after the superunit fails the entire team falls apart. I also like the idea of HB as @af1899 posted, however. She’ll have no problem securing the atk check with her own +9 and the atk lull. But here’s the set I’m running rn:

Last but not least, one of my favorites. Hear me out :feh_nini: An arena specialist set. With the arena changes, she can run a pretty splashable duel set for high tier arena. You can use your bonus unit with a breaker to secure 1 kill, 2 scorebots (for me +10 legendary hector & another +10 fire blessed armor), and this Sonya, who nukes the majority of high arena, which skews toward like, dragons and some blue armor or non dc green armor threats.

Those are my most sensible, non-meme builds for Sonya. Hoping she continues to get new toys with the coming banners :feh_reinyes:

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