Soooo....what happened to the Dead Heat Summer Race event?

I’ve been using this page to sort of plan ahead for events and I noticed that generally things happened even earlier than this page predicts. Which makes me wonder why there hasn’t even been an announcement for this event, and the LB 2 campaigns were meant to start after it as well. Anyone know when this event is gonna start for NA?

Also on this note, the third anniversary was meant to come with a bunch of things but all we got was the SQ.

Anniversary hasn’t started yet, should be 6/7 in the evening after the stream
the summer rerun should come after

NA’s anniversary is earlier than JP’s so events are always moved around this time of year


We should just be reversing anniversary and summer since our anniversary is different from the JP side. When we finish the GSSR and the rest of the anniversary stuff summer will likely follow they aren’t going to cancel it or anything. If you’re really hoping for someone in the summer rerun just enjoy the extra time to save quartz :+1:

I’m assuming you’re using the day/month/year format here so it should come past July 6 at the earliest?

We are going to have it after the anniversary because we had to be faster because our anniversary is earlier then the jp one