Sorry Dimitri, but

Your Death Blow 4 was just too delicious. He just has to learn it, now. Halloween Henry is almost complete, I just need merges and hopefully the Warding Blow seal will come out. I wish I could give him Mirror Impact, but you can’t give the skill to armored units… I’ll find a way around that, for this guy :3

Ayy nice H!Henry
Seems gud

When I started playing FEH, after a little while, a Legendary Hero banner appeared (I think it was either Lyn or Fallen Robin Female, I don’t remember. All I remember was that Ephraim and Halloween Henry were on it)

It took me HOURS, to finally get Henry (+Atk -Spd) and I was so happy, when I summoned him. I was doing the stories on Hard and even some on Lunatic, and… I got a +Attack -Speed Legendary Ephraim, in the process. I also remember that it was getting late out, and I wanted him. And I had college, in the morning.

F for Dimitri.


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Him being -HP was fine (It was a Superbane, but that’s not a problem) he was +Speed, which was just okay-ish, because his Noble Lance has guaranteed Follow-up attacks, if certain conditions are met and they’re usually met 90-99% of the time. I didn’t think I’d be using him, so I gave Death Blow 4 to everyone’s favorite vampire (Going from 0 to 100. Seriously, he is a LOT better than his normal version).