Sort heroes by games

Now that we’ve got resonant battles and limited hero ones I think we would need a “sort by games” option in the heroes menu of gp to have ideas on which unit to use from X game for X battle. What do you think ?

We have one.

That little “T” thing in the upper right corner, opposite the hearts.

Sort by Game, blessings, and so on.


Make an inquiry please? :fgo_ishtarpuppyeyes:
Also maybe a separate filter for Legendary/Mythics and Duos/Harmonics

i mean in the gp forum not in the heroes game

On matter of filters, the 5* filter seems a bit broken.
Gen one units seem to disappear.
Sort by units by HP with Inf.

Add 5* only

Where did Karel go? If you say4* because of the 4* special, first off, why, second off he isn’t he just disappear.
I think it’s specifically the units that were in the first wave of Weekly revivals because I saw Karla but not her Brother.

Here’s a big one

Add 5* only.

3 gone, reduced to ashes.

Lyn and Lene, two 5* heroes with the same attack that are in the 4* special pool.

Add 5* only


It would also be a needed fix indeed

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Also, what is the Valentine’s Sharena about? Same exact stats as Valentines Titania?