Sothis debacle

Everyone says Sothis is coming, but how do you guys know? Where does it say it?

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Every Legendary/Mythic banner includes info on when each Legendary/Mythic hero (available in said banner) will be available next. Sothis is supposed to appear again in “early August”, so it seems some unconventional banner that includes her will show up rather soon, but we don’t know anything else.


free sothis plox IS


They have yet to give us a defense mythic so it’s possible but I feel like they way it said she was returning denotes a banner. My guess is a hero fest banner.


We don’t know for sure, but around this time last year, we got BHB revivals and a Hero Fest. We already datamined BHB revivals, so that makes me think we’ll be getting a Hero Fest with Sothis on it. If this follows last year, we should be getting a FEH channel soon discussing the aforementioned topics, CYL, and maybe some new mode or changes to the game (something to do with making summoning better would be appreciated).

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There was a hero fest for Eir who was given out for free anyways

Maybe free Sothis :feh_birbpeek:


I said defense mythic. Eir isn’t a defense mythic.


Free Time Pulse fodder? :eyes:


The noticeboard news for legendary/mythic banners say when the legendaries/mythics on that banner will return

e.g. Seliph


oops :feh_lucyshrug:


Its been ages since i have seen the PLOX word.

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Wait, when have the hero fests been happening?

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the current lineup of tibbs/DCNCD/sad tiki/surtr have been there was almost a year now, so i think it’s safe to say we are due for a new one very soon

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That might be when she’s coming

I love how you just used nailahs skills, because as soon as you say those 2 skills with 1 foddered unit, we all know that it’s her

~97.6% of nailahs ever pulled have been foddered, it is an epidemic


Hahahahaha yes

I still remember I unintentionally got two Tibarns off that banner in my quest to pull Special Fighter for my L-Tiki… And one of them was +Atk -Res and is now my MVP in Mjolnir Strikes so it worked out amazingly, lol

If Sothis is on a Hero Fest I hope my luck holds out enough that I can get at least two copies of her.

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What if … they giving out Sothis for free in celebration of CYL4, but conveniently hid the new brave heroes behind spark system without the freebie.

Ohh I can imagine the uproar, but not entirely out of this world given how stingy IS has become.