Sothis Pocus, Bylathus Pas! :feh_sothishook:

Sothis Pocus, Bylethus Pas! I summon thee:

Warning: Sothis Pocus Bylathus Pas is a very powerful spell that will make your entire orb stash dissapear and maybe even your wallet, but allows you to summon this amazing unit

Why would you go with +Def you ask? That’s not even a superboon! I just love it when units have equal Def and Res and now she has every stat higher than 40. Isn’t that just:

How did the summoning go? I started with around 1600 orbs, I was secretly hoping that I would have some orbs left for the ascended Fjorm banner. But no… I was down to my last 10 orbs when the last copy of H!Sothis showed up. It took me 380 orbs to get that last copy >.>

A list of every unit I pulled

11x H!Sothis
4x H!M!Grima
2x Farina
2x B!Dimitri
2x F!M!Morgan
1x H!Rhea
1x F!Berkut
1X Fiora
1x Forsyth
1x Gatrie
1x Louise
1x Leila
1x Flayn

4 star specials:
1x Azura
1x Ephraim
1x Nailah
1x F!Hardin

The color that really liked to destroy my pity rate was colorless… But I don’t mind the 4 H!M!Grima, and the other colorless pity breakers are pretty good as well

Blue when I free summoned on the Fjorm banner

Blue when I summoned for H!Sothis


But all is well that ends well right? :feh_sothispout:

I welcome my first seasonal 5 star exclusive! I will rein destruction on AR and arena with this unit :catdestroy: I love how every Sothis alt reveals something new about her: apparenly before she materialised into this form she wasn’t aware of her own size and she thought she was huge, turns out she really is a smol child. Can’t wait for the next one to complete the Sothis emblem!

Btw, I also finished these two


Congrats! :feh_flaynsmile:

She looks great :fgo_ereshwoah:


Nice… not a big fan of Sothis in general myself, but I did summon a copy of her for this


When Negating Fang Triggers on the first hit she gets 44% DR, +21 Damage from NF (before any other outside source) + 20% of her Atk - foes Res which could be good or bad depending on the foe but still damage stacking onto of DR stacking


someone was paying attention when we were talking about her better A slots



It’s kinda the only Stance skill I had for her (Press F for +1 Zelgius) I agree it’s the best one, enemies that initiate can have a lot of speed, you really need all the spd you can get to compete. I did consider Sturdy Stance, I use her with Muspell and she’s usually able to 1 hit K.O. most foes in which case spd is irrelevant (for the most part). But enough spd to take on other speedsters is still better than a bit more bulk.


I was actually thinking more of Arena, where she’s an excellent LynJa, Lif, Boobyleth, etc. baiter, since those units hurt the most with a special or a double, and she can prevent both of those with a stance 3.


Heh… Must be nice. I spent 1000+ orbs on the banner and kept getting pity broken out of my mind, some of em were good fodder like… a Guinevere for Respl. Celica (finally some good skills?) and a second Brave Eirika whom I foddered to Malice, though a +1 merge woulda been nice since I wanna get as close to +10’ing all the CYL5 units as I can, but I have more opportunities to get her.

Anyway… Yeah. 1000+ orbs, and-- after being off-focus pity broken anywhere from 3 to 5+%, (and yes. It did get off-pitied back down to 3, no Sothis’s acquired. thanks for asking :D) I finally… Finally got my first copy. And here I see someone who spent not even twice as much and +10’ed her. Well that’s duality and the two farthest apart points on the gacha spectrum I guess lol. Either way, I’m happy about it and happy for you! Spoopy Sothis legion!!!

And those are just the summons I have of when I started SS’ing… It’s all pain. . . Literally got her in the last week or less of the banner being up haha… But when I summoned her, as you can see, I had good luck and got some Lull Atk/Def fodder, and a Nagi merge. Literally the same IVs (+Def/-Spd) xD

As I recall-- I didn’t spend NEARLY as many orbs but-- I also didn’t get Summer Freyja until joining up with her in Voting Gauntlet after taking the L. Coincidence, maybe… But I think it’s more likely to have summoned Sothis with way less orbs and at a lower percent, than for that to be a coincidence. It was actually the same day. Just like with Freyja. And that’s colorless hell we’re talking about. Anyway~

(That art is also nice btw, I would like to save it to my art collection if I may)

The results of the pity-breaks:

Yes, sadly not enough SP to learn them yet :pensive:

Screenshot_20211108-201731_Fire Emblem Heroes

Took me less than an hour to decide tbh.

Oh not to mention this gift from Naga!!! Mareeta really needed it and I recently gave her Distant Counter after putting so many other units before her :sob: because she didn’t reeeally need it and destroyed maps without it, but it’s nice to have. and Distant Pressure is amazing on her. I got Time’s Pulse from an extra Lysithea copy I think.? So she’s like super high investment and fully built, excluding merges, thanks to this banner and Brave Marth. Bright side! :sweat_smile:

Not sure what to do with the extra Hapi I got though. I really want the Catch and Trace on someone, but I gotta wait for Atk/Res Catch 3 to come out on someone. They did it with Atk/Def so, soon?


That is some poor luck :feh_elisad: I’m not unfamiliar with the feeling. I wish you better luck when she appears on a DSH banner! (if you plan to pull on that)


Indeed it is… But it’s not all bad like I said. :feh_roysmile: And it’s funny because I was pretty much just done with the banner, and almost given up, but did one final YOLO summon which gave me her and 2 others, sadly not a second Sothis, which has happened before :sweat_smile: (Ninja Laevatein) and was very epic

Also the part about the VG timing and all that

Yesss I always always pull on DSH. Either a little or a lot, and always get my desired units somehow, by some miracle from

And thank you for the wishes of luck, I always accept those :pray:t3::white_heart:

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