Soul boost (class up)


Does someone made the maths about the total number of souls required for each level ?
I cannot find any information about that, it is quite strange no one search to have the minimal souls needed to avoid spending useless energy points to farm them.

If I do not find answer, I will sacrifice some point to have good numbers in one single shot (other wise it is way too complicated to calculate how many souls have been already used).

Thanks !

KaMeHaMeHaaaaa !

If someone is interested I created a doc (free acess) with number of souls required to level up.
It is easier to have exact number when in the market to exchange some stuff for souls to avoid forward and backward each time the number is not enough.
Strangely the level 3 requires more than 4 5 or 6.

Dragonball Legends Souls Requirement

You can look in DB Legends space, if you click in a character it will show how much souls you need for it to 100% the level it’s in. (Even for Legends Road Characters).

It just display the stats, no how much it cost to max upgrade.

I think for most chars it is always the same cost, basically with 950 in each it should be fine.