Souper FEH Thread! 🥣

22/10/2020 NOTICE: Opening Post is currently under-construction. Will be re-organizing everything for the next few days. Or maybe I won’t do anything but pretend I am

Hi there, I know there’s other megathreads to post FEH memes & art but I hope it’s OK that I make my own filled with content I’ve made over the years. It’s mainly just sprite edits but enjoy!

(I regularly make content and have been trying to do more drawing and animations… but its a rough road. :feh_elisad:)

Sprite Stuff (Edits/Memes/Comics etc)

"RIP Virion"
Creation Date: 07 Feb 2019
I feel so bad for Virion, he’s the first hero we ever summon but again and again IS continues to use him like a punching bag. If any hero deserves a Askr Resplendent outfit, it is him.

"Obstacle Breaker"
Creation Date: 03 Mar 2019
I remember planning on making a bunch of joke skill theorycrafts but only finished making this one, and at the time there was a bunch of memes of Reinhardt and Lyn so I slapped those 2 on for the restrictions.

"When will I get an alt?"
Creation Date: 18 Mar 2019
In the 2019 Easter banner, we had more FEH oc’s get Easter Alts, previously Alfonse and Sharena got alts in 2018 so I made this to mock Anna being left out once again…

"2019 Mythic Banner April Fools Banner"
Creation Date: 01 Apr 2019
It was a time on the subreddit when the salt was high on Azura and people were very tired of Camilla getting new alts… so I made this as an April Fools.

"Roy x Lilina FUSION HA!"
Creation Date: 05 Apr 2019.
In the 2019 April FEH Channel, they introduced Legendary Roy with his “Pair Up” mechanic. They showed a moment in the video of him and Lilina and I thought they were going to do a fusion ha… they did not.

"Duo accessories"
Creation Date: 09 Nov 2019
Accessories was a great suggestion to the game and I found that some make great combinations but sadly it isn’t an option to equip more then 1 accessory at a time…

"Me trying to snipe for Igrene"
Creation Date: 19 Nov 2019
Based on my own summoning experience with Igrene’s banner debut… it was a terrible one.

Creation Date: 27 Nov 2019
I made this the same night that Altina’s trailer video came out, I took a screenshot of her from that video and then made this hastily so she looks very low quality and awkward lol

"Peony’s croissant hair"
Creation Date: 08 Dec 2019
I did have an alternate version (in me head) where Sharena wakes up and whispers “I have a hair fetish” and continues sucking on Peony’s hair… which I would love to animate one day.

"New Years Black Knight"
Creation Date 02 Jan 2020
I love the Black Knight, I try to put him in as much of my content as I can lol

"Poor NY!Lethe…"
Creation Date: 03 Jan 2020
So there was a lot of negative reactions to NY!Lethe because of how much damage she could tank… and yes this is also based on that two angry women screaming at poor cat meme.

"The FEH Pass"
Creation Date: 06 Feb 2020
Based on the Stare Dad meme… and also on the FEH Channel where the FEH Pass was introduced.

"Tempest Trials: Romance Whirlwind Team"
Creation Date: 10 Feb 2020
In Silque’s initial debut banner, I free summoned a +DEF of her and was in love with her ever since. When this TT came out and she was a bonus unit, she was just an absolute tank of a healer.

"Midori is not happy with Anna"
Creation Date: 08 Apr 2020
This was based on that one time people got angry at a girl wearing a traditional Chinese dress… and the drawing of Ryoma is done by SMGold

"FEH x Berserk"
Creation Date: 07 May 2020
“A lot of characters in FE remind me of Berserk, and then with the release of Fallen Ike, I was inspired to finally make a cross over image”.

"Groom Rafiel Yaranaika"
Creation Date: 19 May 2020
Groom Rafiel’s special art face really REALLY reminds me of that Yaranaika face… google that at your own risk.

"Groom Kiran"
Creation Date: 20 May 2020
Edited sprite of Kiran based on the Groom Hinata’s saggy pants and Bridal Oboro’s huge hood.

"New Resplendent Roy"
Creation Date: 25 May 2020
*The day Resplendent Roy got announced, Fukei_Mono made a sprite edit of Fjorm wearing Roy’s pants so obviously I had no choice but to make a sprite edit of Roy NOT wearing pants. *

"Moustache Party"
Creation Date: 08 Jun 2020
My favourite piece I’ve ever made.

"The Big 3"
Creation Date: 10 Jun 2020
The accessories these days gave me One Piece and Naruto vibes so I made this, I’ll admit that Astram being Ichigo from Bleach was a bit of a stretch on my part. Wasn’t sure which other hero fitted there.

Animations (Gifs/Videos)

"FEH Ultra Lite Mode"
Creation Date: 21 Oct 2018
Pretty sure this was my first animation I ever did, FEH-related-wise. It was a lot of fun.

"Aether Resort Animation: Sweet Dreams"
Creation Date: 18 Apr 2019
I absolutely adore the Aether Resort and made this animation based on the Inn.

"QoL suggestion, learning multiple skills"
Creation Date: 18 Jul 2019
Its a very small thing but its still something I want added to the game

"Sleeping Hel"
Creation Date: 10 Dec 2019.

I had a strong feeling Hel was going to be a Legendary/Mythic Hero and so I made this in anticipation. Still waiting for that to happen so I can reveal the whole animation…

"Nils Dance"
Creation Date: 18 Feb 2020
Wanted to make a little tribute to his GBA animation flute dance… couldn’t do the spin however. Would like to make a updated version in the future.

Drawings (Comics/Doodles)

"Nine days of Impending Doom"
Creation Date: 15 Jan 2019
*My first FEH comic/drawing… its based on that one chapter in BOOK III where Hel curses Alfonse. *

Smol Silque

Its something from a comic I’m still working on… I say I work on a lot of things but they never get finished.

If you ever have any simple requests or ideas that you would like me to do, I am happy to try and do so.

Also if you expected actual soup here I am sorry to disappoint…


wait are you the guy who took us the legion emote away?


These are so cool !!


Woah, lots of nice works! <3


Aww how cute :feh_nini: I also like her a lot thanks to her origin games and #fire-emblem-heroes of course.

I also found the animated “super low quality game” Legion funny.

I’m sure that more of your work will be welcomed here


I’m the one that made it…


i dont mean the gif
i mean the legion

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I love the F!Robin gif, also the Smol Silque is adorable.
Also why is there no soup? :catcry:


Oh hey, I’ve seen a lot of these. Didn’t know you made them. Neat!


We could of had fabulous Resplendent Virion…



That is some very cute sprite work :feh_nix:
It looks great! :feh_hridexcited:
RIP Soup :catcry:


As a Berserk fan i adore the crossover.


*tips fedora *

oops. it’s probably not a fedora but I wanted to make this anyway.


I’m ashamed to admit it… But that was pretty funny.


The new FEH Pass ad stuff but with a shocking twist.





If Raigh was advertised on the loading screen


This one hurts because it’s true