Space Ishtar and calamity Jane and luck

Well first of all hahahaha I managed to get space Ishtar ,3 clamity Jane plus 1 Kaleidoscope ,the new masked saber servant and ibaraki douji only by using 120 SQ is that a good luck or a bad one and need some advices on these servants and which CE will work with them

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You repeatedly ask how to use servants and which CE’s to use and people keep constantly telling you to read up on their servant reviews on the Gamepress site.

Also whatever happened to skipping Ishtar and saving for Musashi?


Space Ishtar is generally to be used for farming because of her NP gauge boost. Calamity Jane is a good Saber slayer with a really fun kit, and it helps that you have her at NP3. Excellent Skadi synergy, I would say, as well as anyone that provides targeted/party-wide crit star up.

I’m not sure if the masked Saber you’re talking about is Lanling Wang (he’s not really that new at this point), but if so, he’s a decent Arts support with an NP arguably better than Waver’s. Unfortunate thing is he’s cursed with one of the worst things to ever happen to this game and that’s random buff chance.

Nothing really needs to be said about Ibaraki other than she’s a relatively sturdy Berserker. She’s got strong single target damage potential with her NP and staying power, so given you don’t have say Cu Chulainn (Alter), she’s probably worth putting work into.

Regarding the above comment, there are no servant reviews for either Space Ishtar or Calamity Jane on the site at the moment, unless you count the review by the Modern Magus Magazine with the annoying alliterative title. Let’s not discourage conversation on the board, eh? If you don’t want to participate, then don’t.

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Well I got a bonus form my work and used some to get payed SQ right now I have about 500 SQ 20 tickets and 20 gold Appel plus I don’t understand what is written on their review so because I have a bad English so I get you people to make matters simple for me I know that I am troubling you but thank you all and I wish you good luck

Oh English isn’t your first language? Never mind then ask all the questions you need.