Space Ishtar lore

Finally the wiki had the part of the profile translated.

“the goddess S Ishtar is “bad as an Ishtar”.” - what does this mean?

And what exactly that Ishtar is? From what I get, the original goddess Astaroth was defeated, good part of her became a Space Ishtar, and evil part became the final boss of the event?

From what I read on twitter (so take with a grain of Salt) is the OTHER way around.
Space Tokiomi decided to create the evil part, and she kinda lost her evilness due to good pareting skills plus Calamity positive influence.

Dunno about the boss, if she’s the good part, maybe she’s just pissed that she was left alone…? Or she turned evil from loneliness…

Why Tokiomi decided to take evil part? I was under impression that he is good in the event.