Space Ishtar v Summer Musashi

In light of recent events :fgo_pancakeslmao: many of us have changed our rolling plans over the next 12+ months. Servants who would have been certainties may now be eschewed in favour of saving for more future meta friendly units and 2 names that have cropped up a lot the last few days is Space Ishtar and Summer Musashi.

So my question is, how do they compare? At similar NP levels, who does more damage? Does one refund easier and is that even a relevant question? Does one have better tools for dealing with non-farming situtations? etc

I admit some of my questions come about due to being unwilling to find this information for myself to avoid spoilers

All hail Clairvoyance Ex :bowing_man:

Appmedia already made charts comparing damage between Arts servants, scroll down more for ST
Most people can loop with BG now so damage isn’t much of an issue :feh_lucyshrug:


So these are my observations so far. The sample size isn’t anything huge so nothing I say is absolute, it’s just what I’ve noticed from other people’s tests. Also, the text below is strictly about farming.

1.Most perfect optimal setup is same for both (DCT + BG + 2004)

  • Both handle normal FQs at NP1. Musashi should hit harder but that’s not rly important
  • Both work against Berserkers and are good for mixed-class nodes

2.Notes (NP levels may or may not play a role here)

  • Musashi can potentially loop 2/2/x nodes with her optimal setup. Idk about Ishtar because I haven’t seen it. But then again, a good class-advantaged looper can probably do the same (NP1 Surfmo already can loop w1 of Salem Town Hall, for example).
  • Ishtar with a 50% charge CE lets you level whatever MC you want.

P.S: The real testing begins next time JP gets an event with lvl90 anti-DSS nodes


The 5 star servant are at NP1 in the article ?

All the SSRs and SRs are NP1


Astarte with charge CE would tank hard on her damage though. Still I’d give an edge to Astarte because she can change her NP to Buster if wave 3 is particularly bulky or to Quick to squeeze between Skadis. In fact, I think she’s the most efficient investment wise due to lapping over DSS and DCS. Personally I would prioritize Astarte over mUSAshi because, let’s face it, Astarte is basically summer Ishtar 2.0 with her 3 unique ascension, and I vastly prefer her design’s art style.

I have to ask. Why would making her NP Buster-type make any difference? Assuming that the ATK, card type, and NP Damage buffs are the same, a Quick NP would actually deal more damage because of its multiplier.

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Wait, her multiplier change with her NP type? Sorry I thought they’d stay the same 500% or something. If Quick changes that to 1100% then yeah I suppose change it to Quick.

It does.


Why would you want buster or quick at all? You’ve got arts buffs, why waste them?

Are we talking comps outside of Castoria?

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From the link above both are very good but mushashi is better.

Musashi is probably the top AoE Arts Servant if only because her NP levels won’t really matter.

If you whale for NP levels, her damage becomes uselessly high by current farming standards.

Edit: if I’m running my calcs correctly, Summer Musashi NP1 does virtually the same damage in this system as NP5 Jarcher while still being able to loop with great consistency, and she is also obviously unbothered by offensive disadvantage in 99.99% of scenarios.

Jarcher is not a paragon of raw damage, but you get the idea. Edit # 2: forgot to factor in Arctic NP damage for both. Really is about the same.


I will just leave this here. looks like a lb5 free quest so don’t watch if that is spoiler enough for you

I choose ishtar…
… due to scientific and mathematical (cough wifu cough) reasons


Plugs NP5 Anastasia, Hokusai, and Kiara into the damage calc

…unless farming quests start giving us 300k HP enemies, I think I’m all set.


With the way power creep is coming along I wouldn’t be surprised.


They’ll want to fluff Buster and Quick before they add that much bulk to routine farming, I think. That, or they surprise us and take serious steps to add diversity in farming so that it isn’t 90%+ NP loops.


I mean… Christmas Salter?

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I would love some single target farming nodes to change things up. Remember the pillar raids?


Yeah, but she was an anomaly we haven’t seen since in a farming quest that wasn’t a raid IIRC.

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