Spare F mareeta Merge or Fodder

Got a randomly free summon F Mareeta a while back.
I’ve already built a +spd copy with one merge cause it was also minus atk and I’m wondering if going for the second merge is more worth it then keeping her flashing blade for fodder for like leywn or something idk
I had to vote cause I forgot to set results view-able with out voting

  • Merge
  • Fodder

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If you already have a unit who would love her skills, fodder. Otherwise I’d say merge. Once she loses the bane I’d consider fodder moreso than merges

i’d fodder her off.
unless she’s your +10 project.


Yes, unless you’re +10ing her she’s best foddered, of course speedy units do make good use of her fodder, I’m thinking of Lewyn since he can get both [Flashing Blade 4] (on 5★ S!Ylgr if you need a free source) and [Null Follow-Up 3] :thinking: that’s because of his [Forseti].

Who do you have un mind to receive her fodder though?