Spare Hríd, who wants DC?

I was pulling for a spare legendary Ike to fodder off for Warding Breath, but I suppose this is the next best thing.

I have four candidates that I’d like to have DC (I have a few that probably would be better with DC, but I’m here to have fun so they’ll get it later).

The Candidates


Pretty old unit I made back when I started. First unit I ever wanted to give DC.


The DD man himself. Been waiting awhile for DC but didnt get it in favor of M!Grima and his Christmas stealing shenanigans.


Ban-Ban didn’t get WB, at least Garon can get DC. Gotta help out that guy’s mixed tanking potential and still keep his niche.


Going from full offense to full defense. What is there that this man can’t do?

  • Effie
  • Zephiel
  • Garon
  • S!Helbindi

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If you want to make a completely rational choice, you should first determine, whether you already have a DC red armor, or a DC red infantry tank and so on.

It fits best on Zephiel thanks to his weapon refine which works perfectly with DC, but if you are missing a DC hero in one of the categories that you listed, it might be worth it to give it to someone else.

You can also always just give it to your favorite, regardless of any reasoning.

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Only do it on someone you can merge, so S!Helbindi isn’t an option. If you’re willing to put in the thousands of grails, Garon or Zephiel would use it well. But, if you don’t want tot invest that much, Effie would enjoy it nicely.

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Zephiel so that Egg Sacks actually works like it’s supposed to.

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Are you planning to merge any of the armors?

If not I’d go with Helbindi. He’s a great user of it :feh_legion:


DC’s a pretty significant investment, so if I gave it to em, I would definitely merge.

I would only give it to Helbindi.

Armors are honestly going out of flavor in AR, at least classic armors. In Story, anything works. Zephiel is a pretty great option if you want to invest in him and use him for Arena or whatever, but otherwise without investment probably won’t be amazing. Summer Helbindi though already has solid investment, and is a fun unit to put as a lead for GC and RD, so I’d go with him.

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I don’t know why I chose garon when he can get lightning breath.