Spare Lull Atk/Spd 3 or Rouse Def/Res 3

I was trying to get B! Eliwood on the 3rd Generation Brave Banner, but instead, I got myself another Perceval (+ATK, -SPD) after pulling B! Alm and B! Camilla in the second summoning round. Not that I’m disappointed, but I found myself a bit stumped with what to do with him. I already have one (+DEF, -HP), who does just fine even with the bane in HP (I just gave him a HP/DEF +2 seal and some flowers to call it a day) because he’s pretty tanky to begin with, you know?

My first implication was to merge him to get rid of that bane and give him a slight boost in stats, but thinking it over, it’d essentially be a real waste of premium skills for inheritance. At this point, I feel like Perceval doesn’t need those extra stacks. Besides, I really don’t like that bane he’s got in Speed…which is a no-no for me. Who are some good units that can make good use of Lull Atk/Sod 3? I have particular units in mind - Itsuki (+1), B! Ike (+4), and Reinhardt (+10). Maybe Exalt Chrom (+DEF, - SPD) if he can make use of it?

I can build Itsuki if I do decide investing the skill on him since I do have a spare Distant Counter. I recently gave B! Ike a build with Special Spiral 3 + DC (he’s a freaking Aether-spamming monster), but would he benefit from Lull Atk/Spd 3? Finally, I thought about giving it to Reinhardt, but it’d be a matter of time until I can give him Death Blow 4 (I would have to fodder L! Eliwood) to fully optimize his set if I go through with it. If not, do you think there are other good units who can fully take advantage of Lull Atk/Spd 3?

Should I just hold on to it until some other busted unit comes out in the future? Do any of these units I have in mind actually need the skill? It’s not every day that one comes by such a rare skill that works wonders in terms of utility on a character. I would have given it to my Camus (+7) if he didn’t already have Heavy Blade 4 + Lull Atk/Def 3, but now it’s a matter of choosing another character. Anyways, I’m looking for feedback on what might be the best course of action. Save it, or inherit it? Please let me know, and thanks in advance ~

EDIT - I totally forgot to make this post applicable for Rouse Def/Res 3. That’s also another skill I can consider for inheritance because it’s a pretty useful one. Let me know if you got any advice for that one :)

Idk if you thought of this, but im in the nearly same situation (going for beliwood, get perceval) but im foddering him for rouse def res. Are there any units you got that could use that rouse, as that might be easier to go with.

Give my Camus that Rouse Def/Res 3 instead lol

Man I dunno. Damn you Perceval for imparting such dilemma on us :confused:

You’re right in assuming these guys don’t need it. Think about what units you’d run up against that would likely have ATK/SPD bonuses (like bladers), and how you’d counter them without ATK/SPD Lull. And also realize that Dull Close and Dull Ranged are more easily accessible, and cover all aspects of enemy bonuses, but are obviously range specific.

If you’re most interested in giving your unit an effective +3 Spd/Def/Res at all times, just give it to your favorite unit. Or save it… Because lord knows you’ll find someone a month or two or six from now you’ll wish you could give it to.

Example: I gave a lull ATK/SPD 3 to my +10 Kagero (a favorite at the time). And while she does have excellent offensive power (combined with DB4 she gets up to 71 atk on initiation), her health is awful so I regret that choice.

These guys don’t need it lol. Rein would actually be sorta trash with it. Chrom doesn’t have enough speed so the speed part is redundant. Itsuki does actually seem pretty good with it seeing as you’re going for the speedy route. B!Ike again would be trash with it he wants to be doubled to get the 80% reduction.

Someone with mixed phase but fairly speedy could use it better. Or just a PP speedy dude like L!Marth. As for rouse def/res, I dunno. None of those really need it either although again Itsuki seems like the best option