Spark system

I am planning to spark shannon in the heir of light re-run banner, i am wondering would it be orb efficient to summon on green stone even though i already have ced?

Assuming that i have already spark shannon and i still have a pityrate, would it be better if i continue my summoning till i get a 5 star even though i am saving orbs for possibly a resistance boosting astra hero this month?

I dont think reruns get the 40 summons treatment (correct me if im wrong)
And full circles would be better imo since Ced has pretty dope fodder

Both reruns have had the spark so far so I think it’s safe to say this one will too.


There was a spark system for the re-run of 3H banner and the duo empharam banner, so unless IS removed it, there should be a spark system

Full pulling circles costs 135 orbs to finish a spark while using tickets and sniping can cost up to 175, do with this as you will

Ced got one of the best fodder for AR : Pulse smoke, shut down IP AR-D easily

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When I spark, I only go for the color I want because you’re still mathematically more likely to get the unit you want within those 40 pulls

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From my experience it’s better to always snipe for who you want. You have pretty good odds to pull your hunted unit within the 40 summons, so no need to use 135/175 unless unlucky. With that I want to say that the spark system should be treated as a safeguard, not as the target.


Yeah the one time I sparked was for Mirabilis and More. Pulled nothing but red and only got pitybreakers (good ones, but pitybreakers nonetheless). Not a single focus until the spark. So I view it as a safety net for a targeted unit.

I already have a ced to fodder, so i don really need him for now

I could have 10 Ceds and it wouldn’t be enough


Mainly i don use omega tank in AR unless i know it is doable and i still use other tactics like hit and run, vantage and galeforce if necessary

If you want to give some of your units Pulse Smoke, go for red AND green. If you don’t care about Pulse Smoke, just summon on red.

Yup, i will be sniping red only thanks, i don need a 2nd pulse smoke fodder

I’m summoning on red and blues. Need those Altena merges, but I would also like Larcei merges and a couple copies of Shannan (one to fix my +Atk, -Spd copy and one for Steady Posture 3 to give Say’ri).