Sparrow inn event worth it?

Hey all!
I am yet to even start Lostbelt 3. I never knew it was a pre requisite for this event, now I am in a conundrum, should I rush this chapter or is this even skippable considering there are no welfare servants to get etc?
Just thought I would seek out the expert opinion out here.


If you really lack time because of real-life obligations, Sparrow Inn gets a rerun next year (based on JP calendar)

It still has materials in the shop and stuff, so there’s that.

If by some chance you’re already done with Lostbelt 1 and 2, and are already at Lostbelt 3, 3 is surprisingly short or at least that was my opinion

since there’s no welfare, you’re mainly missing out on lores and gold fous. there’s a rerun next year so as long as you do it then you won’t be missing out on the grail, just waiting an extra year for it. personally I’d say try to get lb3 done and see how much of the event you can do after that, but otherwise if you have to miss out you can rest easy knowing you didn’t miss anything truly major.

Don’t rush LB3, try to complete on natural AP enjoying the story along the way. It’s not very long and the new event doesn’t seem too stressful so probably you will have enough time to beat both things.

The event is locked behind Time gates so you get time to catch up. You should not take more than a week to complete LB3 without refill.

I am done with 1 and 2, only 3 left but I dont like to rush it, I tend to enjoy these episodes.

Thanks man. I want to take time with LB3, not in terms of apples, got that in good stock, just dont want to spend hours together on this episode, seems to take the thrill out of it. Good to know there is a rerun, so theres that!

Right, I dont want to rush it either but if I have to do both then there is the question of spending time. Plus I am really upset with my GSSR draw, got Musashi dupe… Was hoping for someone new :frowning:

Oh, that seems like not too much time per day for LB3. As long as I get to enjoy the story at my pace. Anyway thanks!

Well at least you have the option

But yes, good to hear that you take the time to enjoy the story; I do the same