Spd OG Dimitri: Is it worth it?

Pretty much title.

Spd Dimitri is an idea I’ve been considering for a long time, and now that it’s confirmed he’s one of the units in this HoF I have the chance to get the premium skills that make it possible for ‘free’

Thing is I’ve really been using a +atk Dimitri since his FB revival in May as a galeforcer, I got him to +4 there and I plan to +10 him someday once I’m done with his B! alt in February hopefully. I’m definitely souling him if only for an easy merge and I’m also using IV fruits, not because he’d need them but out of love :fgo_ereshlove:

Now, the thing is I realized while checking the unit builder there’s also a skill that’s arguably better on him than a stat booster: heavy blade 4, probably even more rare than tier 4 pushes and solos and that would free up the seal slot and allow me to use it on other units at long last

However, I can only pick one: either a skill that boosts akt and spd or HB4. Same goes with IVs, once I fruit him I won’t do it again. On one hand going +atk could be helpful as it might help killing stuff with high defense, but it’s also risky to use as he might OHKO and not trigger galeforce, however spd is pretty much useless on him due to his pfr unless the enemy has some kind of way to prevent it or NFU, in which case it might be pretty helpful

Also, keep in mind at +10 merges/DF +spd he hits 38 base spd, which might go up to 45 with atk/spd push 4 and 48 with lull atk/spd

P o l l t i m e

  • Just ditch his spd: go +atk HB4
  • What about a middle ground? Go +spd with HB4 and boost his spd with a seal
  • Spd Dimitri is real: go with atk/spd push to guarantee that follow-up

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Thanks for the help! :feh_dimitrismug:


If you wanted to do it for memes and give him a weapon like spd-refined Lofty Blossoms+, then do it.

If you’re going to stick with his prf, then +atk HB4 seems to be the best way to go imo :feh_dimitrismug:


Nah, it’d be out of paranoia
You guys are probably right, for some reason I couldn’t get the speed thing out of my head tho

I’d literally had gone +spd if I had a copy with those IVs, that’s how nuts I was
I was happy with +atk too however
I was just happy with Dimitri in general :feh_dimitriblush:


Maybe when he’s +10? It could honestly be a pretty good idea, his spd isn’t too bad. It’d help against NFU, wary, and just not meeting his requirement. But… +atk galeforcer is also really good, and doesn’t need all those merges


If you’re going all in on speed, go all in