+Spd or +Atk Exalt Chrom?

So back on the recent Valentia banner, I ended up getting pity-broken by a +Atk Exalt Chrom. My current one is +Spd, - Def and I was thinking about merging.

  • +Atk Exalt Chrom
  • +Spd Exalt Chrom

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I’d say go Atk unless you’re running Atk/Spd Push or Brazen Atk/Spd seal.

+Spd. If you support Chrommunism, you’d spread out his stats. Jokes aside, Chrom has enough attack. If you use fury+sealed falchion with a spd boon, you can reach pretty decent speed. Add buffs to his decent spd and you’ll have enough to double reliably. His S slot can also be used to buff his speed further.

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Choice 3: Fury Fodder.

This answer is cursed.
Nuff said

Dunno seems like the most logical choice to me :upside_down_face: