+Spd/-Res Katarina, help!

Should I bother using her at all or sac her? Who are some good Atk Ploy users if I don’t? And if I do, how do I build her?



Was about to myself.

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Git gud


To be honest she hasn’t really aged all too well. 37 speed with a boon isn’t much these days, and swift sparrow won’t help much either. And 32 res is just not good for ploying anymore. Especially in your case with a res bane. Which also means her refine won’t be very good.

I’ve had one for a long time and she just kinda exists in my barracks.

Just get pity-broken 5 times by Katarina and merge them all together.

It totally didn’t happen to me. Nope. Not me.


32 res does not look good for ploying. Out atk ploy on maybe someone who would normally use atk smoke but has enough res. Caeda if you’re making an EP build or no desperation build. Personally I’d just keep her rotting in my barracks, also she looks sortable like Bernie so I’d keep her, but not actually use her, she’s not great

Short answer: Yes use her :feh_flaynsmile:

Longer answer: Yes use her and give her premium skills :feh_flaynsmile:
Cause look at this girl

But in all seriousness, in the POV of a F2P, there are better red mages than her and yes I agree with what @Thehalohedgehog has said.

But she’s best girl period :feh_corrinmug: