Special bonus for Trainers in Poland!

Today we want to highlight a fellow Trainer: the Polish Pokémon Trainer Kushi! On Sunday, May 31th at 20:00 CET he will play Pokémon GO live on his YouTube channel.

During this live stream he will hand out 20 special reward codes among viewers. Each code will award 3 Super Incubators, 3 Incense and 3 Lure Modules . Why not join him on May 31th at 20:00 CET? If you’re lucky, you’ll receive one of the codes!

I got that e-mail today. Does anybody else got something similiar in other countries?

It’s kinda funny that Niantic promotes this guy as community creator in Poland.
He is openly using illegal apps for hatching eggs, promotes multi accounts, and for me the worst thing, taking money from kids to catch on their accounts regionals pokemon.
It’s really disgusting.

Niantic should cut off from this guy