Special Fighter does WHAT

-2 cooldown…per attack…any attack. This shit is virtually a B-slot Breath skill. wtf Nobody told me it was this good. It makes V.Ike even better, coupled with that insane stat spread. He’s L.Ike with more BST and far better Spd.

You know it’s business when you’re replacing your Ike…for another Ike. Screw it, I already gave the former Special Spiral. Just gave V.Ike a Wo Dao this morning.

Welcome to Armors Я Us, where armored units get incredibly broken skills because their boner for armored units rivals Kaiba’s dragon fetish.


is okay

Who has an armour fetish. Most armours are boring.

That’s your opinion, and I meant IS having a thing for them.

Armored units can actually be pretty fun, but I will agree that, in my opinion, a lot of them I don’t have fun using.

Effie, for instance, is what I would describe as a boring armored unit. Amelia, or Draug, are units I would describe as “interesting” units, as well as the armored mages.


I find them boring simply because of their mobility. People ignore that you either need to staple them to an extra armour buddy (with Armour March) or Boots (sacrifices an S-slot and dies when you lose HP). This is mitigated by Firesweep Bold Fighter users (of which I have *4++++++++ Effie, ironically), but it also kind of beats the purpose of being an Armour in the first place.

And they pretty much stopped being Armours past the first Christmas banner. Tharja killed the vibe and now Armours can look whatever they want as long as they have inflated BST. Dragon Armours also seem like a poor excuse to sell shit.

I also do like Armours like Doga and Amelia, I agree that they’re interesting. BK is also pretty cool, and one of my favourites.

The only Armour I worship:

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Lol, I don’t care about the design of armored units.

Yeah, mobility is an issue and the main part of why I find them so boring, but I work around it.

Use H!Henry? Bring a flier. W!Tharja? Flier. It’s gonna be a mixed emblem team anyway, so I might as well bring a flier unit.

And I don’t find Armored Boots worth using the Seal slot.

Sheena fits in my preferred play style due to her insane bulk, so I don’t… Mind her as much. Same with B! Ephraim. Garm makes him way more interesting than if he had Slaying Axe.

yeh I like Henry because he looks funny and the coffin passes for a “shield” but Tharja and all the other “Armours” afterward have no excuse!!!

No, Sheena is one of the cool one.

Cool Armours:


Don’t care about the rest/You name 'em

Wait, why is Sheena cool, but others aren’t?

She’s an actual armour with real armour stats

And units like Effie…?

She’s also still among the best in spite of being “Gen 1” with massive F2P potential, easily reaching double 40s+ Def/Res.

Wendy is also pretty cool.

So her being armored and having massive bulk makes her cool? How come Effie doesn’t have the same luxury?

And why is Draug cool if he doesn’t have “real armored” stats? He should not be that fast with all that armor on.


V!Ike who?

Special Fighter is nuts, that’s why my extra B!Ephraim was sacked to Idunn.

I wish I could fodder my free H!Myrrh. :(

There’s nothing stopping you.

Technically I could, but I have no reason to since I don’t use armored units often and her fodder worthy skills are armor only.

That Def/Res 2 though…

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Lol, ikr? A whole two defense and resistance.

So good.

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