Special Fighter does WHAT

I actually liked the whole big, fancy, hard-to-move-in clothes motif they had going on during the valentines banner. It was a refreshing take on it (especially since we just had armored bikini) but then they kind stopped designing actual armored “armor” units.

I’m sure we all remember the Garon = Infantry??? debacle.

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Never forget about it also gives you guard 5 effect with breath effect on both phases. The only bad thing is that doesn’t gives doubles or make you double, thats quite neccesary thanks to low speed armor arquetipe. Only V!Ike and +spd armours run it optimally.

There’s also a specific armored dragon who uses it to good effect.

I forgot her name.


Someone gets it?!?!

I mean, don’t get me wrong. Lyn looks ■■■■■■■ lovely in a dress, but that’s where I draw the line (still way better than a ■■■■■■■ bikini in Winter).

Stahl what.

It had to have a “drawback”.

Precisely. Stahl is best armored dragon, and you may not argue

Armor fetish ha!

w-who has that right


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I would rather get Sully over Stahl.

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Don’t @me.

They’re both awful, but Sully annoys me more.

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You’re awful.

Not as awful as Sully.

We’re all awful. Let us wallow in our awfulness together, my comrades. :grinning:

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That’s Why I Use DB4 On BEphraim.

It’s Broken,There’s Nothing More To Say.

I’d really prefer extra durability than raw Attack. The durability means you’re taking a lot less damage, making you survive battles a lot longer. Having said durability also scales almost as well with super specials like Ignis & Glacies, which is why I prioritise defenses for Henry and not trying to fix his awful Atk.

Okay but what abotu Zelgius/The Burger King imagine that with Black Luna?

What about it.

oh, nevermind. Slaying + Special Fighter. :[