Special fighter question

Hello !
I have a spare brave Ephraim to fodder and I was wondering who would be the best user of special fighter between H!Myrrh (-HP +Atk) and my freshly pulled Caineghis (-Spd +HP).

I’m leaning toward Caineghis as I don’t have any other colorless armor so I’ll probably use him more, I already have a V!Ike to be my red special fighter armor, and on top of this I don’t have DC fodder, but I read everywhere that Myrrh is the best user of the skill thanks to her prf.

What would you advise me ? And what would be a good budget set for Myrrh if I don’t go the special fighter way ?

No, H!Myrrh is literally the best user of Special Fighter. With her insane base kit and weapon, she can double foes most of the time due to her weapon effect.


From a non-biased perspective - I agree. I think Caineghis might prefer Wary Fighter instead.

I say Caineghis. Lion King > Childish Dragon Trope

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If you’re still leaning towards Caineghis, here’s a budget set for H!Myrrh.

Spirit Breath
Armored[Sturdy] Blow 3/Fortress Def 3
Vengeful Fighter 3
Armor March 3
Distant Defense 3/Warding Stance 3

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I guess any armor can use Special Fighter, it’s just the matter of using Qr as the seal (for slower armors). Which means that they can’t use anything else apart from Qr.

Thanks for all your answers. It really seems like SF would bring more to Myrrh, Caineghis perform pretty well with his base kit for now. I may give him the skill later if I get pity broken by another Ephraim

Myrrh will still work very well with a budget build but her optimal builds are expensive so it may not be worth it for you if you’re already using Ike. I will say that Myrrh will almost certainly utilize the skill much more effectively in most situations. If you aren’t going to use her though, then it doesn’t matter. Give it to to whoever you like/are going to use more.

Thank you for the set. Would these A skills work as well if I give her special fighter ?

It could, though ranged units will easily poke her without DC and she won’t be able to double on enemy phase without QR3 in seal.

Well, I really love her design and I think she would be a great asset to any armor team, but since I don’t use armor much and when I do I switch between BK and V!Ike, I’m not sure she will see a lot of fight… I’ll see when I’ll try her

You should try her out with the budget set before committing to Special Fighter on her.

I will. Thank you !

Myrh is better due to her being able to utilize it dual phase.

But caneigis with his built in DC frees up his a slot and is better on enemy phase

Agreed with Myrrhder. I have her with special fighter if you want to add me and try her out on RD.


Nice of you, I’ll add you !

Cry In BEphraim.

Also,Go Myrrh

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Have u considered Amelia if u hv her? She works really well with that. Grado Poleaxe + Bonfire works so well together.

But that said, Myrrh is probs the best to use Special Fighter on.