Special Move

His kaioken kamehameha says that After using Special Arts, it deals major impact damage. +100% to Special Move Arts damage inflicted for 5 timer counts. What does "For 5 timer counts means?

Hello dude !

When you’re in a fight, you have a timer on the top left corner of your screen, for 5 timer counts means 5 seconds in this timer.

Since the +100% Special Damage is applied to your character when you use the Special Card (after having used the Unique Card), It most likely means that if you hit that special ability, it’s gonna hit twice as hard.

It’s pretty much made so you can use one big Special at the end of the Battle, or if your Kaioken goku is not useful anymore in that current fight so you can Kinda “Throw Him Away” with one Huge Attack,since 5 sec for a buff is very short AND after having used unique then special card, your Kaioken goku is gonna lose 50% of his health and his Kaiken Form and buffs ( He can’t die from it but if you have 50% or less health remaining you’ll end with 1 HP)

I hope you have all the informations you were looking for,

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sooo the 4x kaioken kamehameha special move will only hit 100% if 5 seconds have passed or within 5 seconds or after the 4x kaioken kamehameha you still have 100% damage but you have low health?

The Buff will Last 5 second, meaning that if you hit the move within these 5 seconds it will have the buff applied to hit, and the health and form change only appears if you hit the move having that buff enabled.

To make it simple Just consider these two cases :

case 1 : Success And Drawback
You Use Unique Card -> you use special move and hit Within the duration of the buff -> +100% damages then form change and health debuff etc

case 2 : Too late or Miss
You use Unique Card -> You Miss the Special Move or hit it after the end of the duration of the buff -> Normal Damages If it Hits, no debuff and form change

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thanks bro that’s what i thought. so the kaioken goku was weakened? i think i watched a youtuber used his green card then after 7 secs he then uses his special move and still it was 4x kaioken kamehameha

Yes cos after 7 secs the 5 secs buff is now off. Btw keep in mind that it’s 5 sec on the game timer so if you watch a youtube video, considering the possible lag and the delay of some animations something like 15 secs in the vidoe could be 10 secs on the game timer.