Special Raid Weekend

Has anyone figured out what is the point or purpose of the Special Raid Weekend? Given that we are in the middle of a cr@ppy (IMHO) Slowbro event most of the wild spawns are trash, so we have higher chances of getting a heap of trash XL. Collecting at nest sites does not work for many of us in Asia due to the Covid related lock downs. All the parks in my country are closed. Maybe we can get something good from themed lures? The event is live now in my country and XL drops appear a bit higher,but not spectacular. Just finished a remote Registeel raid and received the standard number of XL … 4 XL for me and my son got 5. I had visions of getting 3X the XL from Registeel raids (ie 9 to 15 per raid) and finally being able to develop an XL Registeel but clearly that ain’t gonna happen. I don’t see the sense in doing another 30 Regis raids at 3-5 XL per raid so I guess this goal is out of reach.

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I figured it was a good time for a Meltan box, other than that it is a nice idea for a bonus but I have no motivation to take full advantage.

I just keep thinking it would have been nice for our last CD so more people could actually max a Garchomp.

I am not going to criticise the increase in XL rates though even if only temporary. It is very much welcome.

As far as I understood it, they only boosted the chance to get XL, not the amount.

I thought that as soon as I saw it but couldn’t be bothered to write what you did. So, in short, yes- my thoughts exactly, that it’s a hope people will xl a registeel.

Edit:Mudkip is a spawn during this event. Also, are nests a thing anymore now events basically interlock meaning there are no “normal spawns”

No, i earned 6 XL for Registeel today, even those low lvl Shadows gave me 1-2 XL. Probably its both, higher possibility to get, and higher chance to get twice (or triple?) Xls.

To be honest, this event would be great if not every other spawn is Grimer Gulpin Slowpoke Psyduck Spoink Slakoth but instead used the default season pool. Now since this event is just worthless Pokemon spam for stuff I have surplus candies nor do I even need the XL of it’s just bleh.


Well, this is the first time they did this. Such an event can very well come back later, possibly during a better event than the current one, which really is kinda meh. It all depends on how well Niantic sees us receiving it.

I found a cluster of boosted rhyhorn in a park, that was good for as long as I could be bothered to hang around. But yes if they think anyone is going to XL a slowbro for a mega it’s not going to happen.

There really should have been something more on this type of event, it didn’t need to be wall-to-wall Darkrai and Rampardos but something a bit more exciting than this.

Meltan is unaffected by the event as it drops 3+ XL candy per catch anyway

Well, I didn’t realise that.
It has been a while since I did a box.

That changed when legendaries were changed to always 3 candy XL (or more). For the moment you average around 210 Candy XL per box, 3 boxes should give you enough Candy XL to max out 2 Melmetal.

So start grinding for that stardust :wink:

Wow, time to re-start the Meltan farm. it was already generous before but now it is a must do.

I have the dust, for the moment at least.
I grinded about 5 boxes but am about 50 or 60 XL short. At least it will only take one more.

I am choosing between a 15/14/15 or a shiny lucky, but at those rates I guess both become viable options.

…but how did I miss that? Cheers