Special research

Does the special research ever change? I am asking because I’ve only been playing for a month, I’m on level 33…very addicted and I’ve done every irritating thing it needs me to do because I’m behind on my special research… like evolving the magikarp… which I did last weekend so all candles are gone… annoying…

They don’t (and do sort of).
Once you get a special research, you have it until completed. You can’t delete it or change it.
You do occasionally get a new research thread though so get new tasks.

Jeez. I’m new but too far ahead at the same time, if that makes sense? What kept me so. behind was not raiding… funny. because now it’s what I love to do the most lol. Doesnt make sense why during magikarp hours the pass had you evolve a magikarp and now this does. I did it all backwards. Oops lol. thann you

Yeah it took me about a month to complete that Evolve A Magikarp quest. Gave me my first best buddy though.

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