Special Spiral Deirdre?

(-hp +atk) I’ve had her for a while, using a fury, spd/res link, darting blow seal build, but I have an available SS, and was curious to see if something like that and heavy blade with an aoe would work. Anyone with experience on these type of builds able to comment? Thanks

I feel like she has a fairly definite niche with dragonkilling, so I wouldn’t use it on her? What are you planning on doing with the rest of the build?

I think Deirdre is more enemy phase oriented although you can try. There are some mages who have the work done better as the famous Sonya but whatever.

The build yoou had was pretty solid but I’d change the seal, you could use distant defense

Deirdre’s visible Attack is not high enough to abuse AoEs. 53 with +Atk and Fury is okay, but when you have Ophelia and Lilina pushing 60+ visible Attack, Deirdre pales by comparison. If you really want a green AoE Special Spiral user, Sonya does it better due to Dark Excalibur compensating for her lower visible Attack (and her refine pulses her by -2 making it much easier to charge).

Deirdre does reach a decent amount for Heavy Blade if Divine Naga procs, but you’ll have to forgo Darting Blow for it and lose a lot of Speed, making it difficult to charge up a 4 charge special to even use Special Spiral. In any case, Deirdre’s high Res by comparison makes Iceberg vastly superior for her, since it will be hitting close to 20 damage following a Divine Naga proc.


Just fiddling around with the idea, I tend to like making more off the wall builds (one of my best earlier built units was a triple atk/spd bond dull ranged merric, who used blazing wind to reduce the enemy’s hp by just enough to finish it off in combat, and it worked well, surprisingly).

I’d be open to other suggestions, build wise, special spiral was just my first idea

Someone else already tends to keep DD-I would definitely try this on Sonya, but I don’t have her, unfortunately

I don’t have Sonya, sadly, but do you think dumping speed and going purely for attack and res could be enough for an iceberg heavy blade setup? It would definitely make special procs go by much faster, compared to a 4 cd setup

Well, if no one else is using Heavy Blade, it’s an option. Personally I really like QR on Deirdre but if you can find a way to get that first special off she will launch an Iceberg every time she baits once Special Spiral is in effect – although at that point Heavy Blade becomes useless.

I agree, I think it is her best option

Maybe, instead of using Heavy Blade, Infantry Pulse can be used. I mean, Heavy Blead only is useful in the first combat Deirdre is. Infantry Pulse would be a better option IMO

Hmm, while I don’t usually use IP, something like QP with SS could make her easy to set up, but I’ll continue to give it thought.

Consider this question answered, it’s given me perspective on what I should consider with this build, thanks!

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