Special Spiral FINALLY

Grabbing a lewyn combat manual has finally given me special spiral to give out! For the first time… in 3 years of playing…

I’m fine.

My question is Lysithea or Kronya. I have a bonkers +atk lysithea, and I’ve seen how devastating an AOE build is on her. Flip side is my Kronya with her absurd vantage damage. Anyone have opinions on which to choose? Thoughts appreciated


I mean both are great… which one sees more action


Probably lysithea, I’ve been using her to clear abyssal maps.
I’m just wondering if Kronya would see more action if I really “completed” her kit with SS. I’ve been experimenting with a chip damage team (healer w/pain+ and savage blow, some Kempf builds, etc) for autobattling and it seems to have some potential with more investment.


but SS didn’t come out 3 years ago yet : D

I’d say it depends on who you plan to invest on more. Lysithea seems to hardly need it to consistently oneshot. I have a +Spd Lysithea and she still oneshots ridiculously well with just Glimmer.

I don’t see Kronya vaporizing everything in sight with AoEs, so the extra damage between Savage Blow and Vantage might help her out more.


How long has lewyn been out? I thought he was really old?

Anyways my lysithea kills ALMOST everything in one hit, but blues and other absurdly tanky units on abyssal difficulty can counterattack and often one-shot her. Sacred spear had a video with his lysithea running SS/blazing special/hardy bearing and she couldn’t be stopped. No vantage, chipping away a free 50 damage from foes before really going for the kill, it looked nice.

Is Kronya still as viable as when she came out? Ik lots of people made her +10 for AR and other modes like that, and my autobattle teams are needing some new blood.

I’ve been merging up Kronya over the last month or two, and I still find her to be a fantastic investment. People have wisened to her in AR (people with well guarded Healing Towers and/or multiple Hardy Bearing and sweep type units ruin her), but she’s still incredibly potent. It was really fun to use her in the recent Grand Conquests, where she chipped down whole armies and was able to zoom around freely once she hit Escape Route range (I don’t have spare Special Spiral at the moment).

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