Specter Tanebria build

I’ve seen a lot of different build suggestions for her and I just wondered what’s considered ‘best’ for her at the moment partly because I wanna use the crafting event to get her something good.

At the moment I’m using rage/crit with kaladra.I was thinking of changing the crit set to immunity or resist at some point & I’ve read speed/immunity is quite popular as well as lifesteal being meta at the moment.

Want her to be viable in both pvp and pve, any suggestions are much appreciated, thanks!

Ps. I’m now rank 50 and looking to join a decent guild, my one isn’t that active at all, if anyone has a spot that would be great! I’m on eu server

Currently I’d say speed/crit set is a go 2 viable option for both pvp/pve but reality the substats will make or break her build.

PvP wise, It’s good to outspeed aoe threats thats not Arby, but the problem is usually teams will have another aoe member so having gear within the speed/crit set stat with some def/hp substats wouldn’t hurt. Sadly I doubt this will be enough to make her into a monster in pvp these days since she is very stat hungry to work and the opposition usually have speedy units themselves so it really depends who your facing in said teams.

PvE, this setup is busted depending where you use her. Usually enemies are not too fast so its real easy to lap them plus S!tene should be powered up (S2) by the time you engage bosses, especially in most abyss levels. Dizzy S!tene combo FTW!!

With the crafting event, my recommendation is a speed main stat boots. Boots is the only gear to have a speed main stat and there substats should usually be atk%/crit chance and/or crit damage which can be used for almost anyone if you get better boots later on.

Guild wise, im in global server so I can’t help you there

I’m running a Speed/Immunity set for both PvP and PvE, but I mainly uses her for PvP. Immunity is great since a lot of opener units really like to cripple your team with debuffs. Her Crit Rate is pretty bad atm, only 53% but nothing a CDom couldn’t fix. Also running Kal’adra which really help with her damage. I’m using Flan/CDom with her so by the time she go she’ll have 50% Crit Rate/Damage + 50% ATK up, basically an instant kill for any units with >15k HP with her S3

Ok thanks guys!

Also just pulled ssb, can anyone advise a good set for her (wyvern mostly)? I’ve got some spare spd gear as well as the free 75 atk gear I can give her.

Artefact wise I have reingars special drink and daydream joker I can give her