Speculation on the summer servants on JP 2020

I just can’t shake this feeling that we’ll soon be graced by summer eresh as our welfare for this year. It would fit the bill of them turning a popular 5 star servant into a summer welfare, and we’re slowly beginning to run low on options with those. Plus it baffles me they haven’t made a second eresh to this date, just seems super overdue imo.
Other than that I could easily see summer okita alter, shuten, anastasia or bryn becoming a reality sooner than later.
Not to neglect the chance of us finally getting a summer event where it’s the men getting all the attention instead of being stuck with outfits all the time.
Edit: Actually Kama seems poised to make an appearance as well, I’d put her just below eresh in terms of likelihood personally.
What are your thoughts?


I’m still waiting for summer Passionlip


Still waiting for summer Proto Arthur


Can’t say I’ve paid much attention towards 4 stars so far as that gets overwhelming quickly, but yeah lip seems like a very solid candidate, might even become a 5 star with all the love fate extra has been getting.
She’s grown on me, I hope they treat her nicely if they do.

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Do we know when we’ll get more info about summer 2020?

Anyway, I agree on Welfare Eresh, she would be lovely.

Personally I’d like to see Medusa, Da Vinci (the adult one, please) Drake, Kiara, Boudica and Passionlip (we have Melt and BB so why not)

For the guys, unfortunately I don’t think we’ll get actual new Servants but just new shiny skins. I really want Speedo!Emiya (from Fate Extra), Hawaian!Cu and Tanned!Lancelot. Summer Mori and Summer Ashwatthama would be amazing too but I’m not sure they are that popular

Summer Ereshkigal should be TOP priority.


Well at this point it’s safe to assume the Wada Arco servant will be Kiara, for the others it’s all speculation and we already have other threads for it so might as well wait for new info.

Hopefully the 5th anniversary livestream will give us some info on the summer event, should be early next month.


I doubt it until I see it, but DW needs to get with the times and deliver a male swimsuit Servant. Almost don’t care who it is at this point.


Summer round table lads sounds awesome in general, I’d go buckwild over a 4* bedivere.

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Yea there are male servants I wouldn’t mind seeing variants of and with the swimsuit versions we can get versions that normally wouldn’t make lore sense for them, so bring on the male servants.

Personally I would like a summer Medea, Semiramis, Atalante, and Da Vinci Classic.


I’d be content with a 50/50 split between guys and gals personally but I do wholeheartedly agree in general.

That would be the ideal, yes.

@Kirchou we’re welcome here


I think those all have a good shot as well except maybe Atalante a bit less, but I chose to ignore servants that already have 2 or more iterations in the game today.
Though medea and da vinci benefit from being main characters in FSN and FGO respectively.

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we will have to comfort ourselves with the CE :catcry:


Summer Lu Bu is all this game needs.

We have like 3 thread already for this same topic, i pattern that we know about summer welfares is that they have always been famous limited 5 stars.
I want summer Tomoe and summon Okitan, that’s all i need for now, and a summer costume for Fionn.

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Ah shit sorry, I gave the other recent threads a cursory glance and didn’t see anything of the same sort so I just went ahead and posted it.
Can go ahead and delete if it’s cluttering things up too much.
Will be more thorough next time!

Relax this happen always, having a lot of the same topic isn’t a bad thing if the rest is dead, so this thread is fine as it is because the rest is dead

Alrighty, was actually expecting that the problem with this thread was gonna be that it came too early or something.