Speculation on why JP skipped Halloween and Christmas re-run


Only a guess, but considering the timing of JP’s Christmas 2019 and Lostbelt 5, my guess would be that LB5 might actually be the last Lostbelt and followed by a Solomon-like Raid event in 2nd half of December.

That would explain why they skipped the Xmas 18 rerun in favor of pulling in Xmas 19, and maybe some SWII servant(s) play a role in LB5 or the finale, so they couldn’t/didn’t want to delay SWII in favor of another new Halloween event, either.

Disclaimer: I pulled this theory out of thin air :fgo_illya:

Edit: Ignore ^, ofc I forgot to check first if there’s official info on the number of lostbelts…

Anyway, any other ideas?

we already know there’s 7 lostbelts though

and ain’t no way they’re gonna throw away the camelot or big mystery tease final lostbelts

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Have they officially skipped the x-mas re-run?

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There’s been no statement about that yet. It’s just strange the new Christmas event was announced without doing the same with the rerun, which is why some people are panicky.

Christmas 5 is gonna be late November, probably the very last few days, which means there is, in fact, time in between to do the Christmas 4 rerun. But that makes it all the stranger for them to not announce it.

It could also just happen after Christmas 5, for one reason or another.


also, we already know why halloween got skipped

because halloween is so heisei era jokes