Speed Pre-Empt: Keep Byleth or fodder?

So during my summoning, I managed to get two Brave Byleths. One I leveled up, but the other (bad IVs) I’m not entirely sure what to do with. On one hand, she’s a strong unit and I can merge for the hope of +10ing her one day. On the other hand… I have brave micaiah right now who is an absolute force of nature that could use speed preempt. What should I do?

I’d save your other Byleth for now

B-Micaiah is not a very fast unit on her own; she needs the foes to be debuffed to reach her top potential and by giving up Yune’s Whispers she loses her own form of Spd debuffing. I can’t see her reaching enough Spd to take advantage of the Preempt in a lot of cases without very heavy support (remember, your Spd must be higher than your opponents’ in order to act first, and between stuff like A-Celica and B-Byleth we are getting some crazy speedy ranged units now)

Similarly, I wouldn’t immediately merge Byleth because someone else may come along in the future who could want that fodder


Do we have a bow/dagger unit with some sort of Spiral + Slaying in their weapon?

If so I feel like they’d be the best for it, other than Byleth herself.


As far as I know, Dark Mystletain is still the only weapon with a Special Spiral effect. Similarly, weapons that give post combat special charges are also only swords (refined Royal Sword and Ascending Blade). All those are out because this is a ranged only skill

I think the closest anyone can come to something like that is speedy Broadleaf Fan users.


I think it would be interesting in dual phase brave weapons (like Summer Eirika) or Thief Nina with the adaptive damage.

Any unit with a really high spd and atk stat really

Yuri could be fun too with a precharged lethality


Is the skill really that great? Just sounds like Vantage with an extra 4 Spd debuff. I never found it hard to achieve the HP requirement, so I don’t see the big deal with this new skill.

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I feel like B!Claude is either getting the mini-Spiral effect or Time’s Pulse in his refine so I’m saving a copy to give to him.


I think this will affect Summoner Duels the most

The presence or absence of Vantage on a unit (V-Palla being the most notable example) will deeply affect how your opponent plays. Common nukes like Yuri or Chrobin can’t quite so easily pick off a unit that attacks them first.


Either that or your opponent doesn’t realize you have Vantage and ends up making misplays.

Palla being the most common unit with Vantage(Pretty much base kit at this point), but I can’t tell you how many times I’ve gone in with a Micaiah only to Vantage sweep the rest of the team because of how uncommon it is.

Also being able to immediate Vantage on Byleth’s weakness is deadly, especially for units who can bypass her special using brave weapons since typically those are on slower units.