Speedy Armors

People who use armored units more than I do, which is probably most of you:
How do you build your fast armors? Standard save nonsense, Galeforce shenanigans, whatever you’ve got, I wanna see it all.

I assure you that this thread is definitely not just a ruse to steal your Savvy Fighter builds for my Hilda/Amelia/BK.


teeny weeny eye-strain-o vision!

I’m building a +SPD A!Idunn in the background. Somewhat meme-y but with a superboon and max investment, and a choice trio of inheritances, she can hit 46 SPD with skills and no seal, in a sense 50, if you count Savvy’s 4 point success or tie condition.

Amelia is another one I’m working on. Her refined PRF unfortunately only works with Armored Stride (via Edelgards that have it), but Aether, A/S Ideal, Special Fighter, Stride, and a Solo 3 seal and she’ll be a solid little armored fighter that can mostly keep up across the map.


Oh god please tell me you didn’t try to read that without zooming in or something :feh_notlikethis:

my eye doctor will be billing you shortly

nah, “quoted it” and have been fiddling with some heroes. Came up with a slightly better build for my Petra :+1:

Considering how many units hit 50 with raw base stats and no skills, that seems like a questionable investment.


How many of them hit 100 physical bulk and 99 magical bulk with raw stats? per the unit builder, A!Idunn does.

As an example, F!Alear at +8, no flowers, with R. Sky and base kit, leaves Idunn at 1 HP (who’s max merged and flowered). And that’s Idunn initiating with an EP kit. (EDIT: forgot the +RES floret for 99 mag. bulk)

Maybe it’s a poor investment, but WTH. If it doesn’t pan out, get another copy, +DEF asset, re-merge, and use base kit.

Have it so Alear initiates, and they end up at 27 and 26 (28 if no Savior) HP respectively.

Alear initiating on a Speedy A!Idunn

Alear initiating on a decent A!Iduun

Precharged VA Alear initiating on a decent A!Idunn


Speed meme units can only out-speed mid-speed units. That’s it. Any unit that has anything decent in their speed stat will still out-speed a speed meme. Due to the opportunity cost of investing in speed instead of other stats and effects means that you’re doing better against middling speed units at the cost of being worse against slow and fast units. That’s fine if you’re countering something specific in the meta, but is otherwise a bad idea.

Generally for speedy armors, it’s just like building slow armors, except you have less use for guaranteed follow-ups. GFUs are insurance against follow-up denial to revert the double calculation to a speed check for fast armors, which is useful but droppable in favor of other effects. You still want Guard, special acceleration, stats (favoring speed), etc. Hardy Fighter is still better than Savvy in PvP, but Savvy is generally good and a great alternative to Hardy. Special Fighter 4 is a good all-around skill for speedy armors, but inferior to Hardy for Save purposes.


For op question, my main use of speedy armor is Far Save to counter speedy nukes, tanking their first hit through HF+Aegis or Miracle (Lucina paired to Spring Sonya) and denying the followup thorough pure speed check.

Galeforce is decent, especially Lances and Axe with the respective Arcanes, but they lack the punching power of the meta cavs/Summer Edel, so you’ll probably need more support to make up for it. Their strongest power doing so was Assault Troop, making them huge range threats, but now Alear can give to anyone so the generic galeforce armors lost some power in the whoel picture.

Fair points.

I’ll be crazy and try to build two Idunns in that case.

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I have no dedicated speed build for any of the few armors I use… but P!Felicia naturally falls in that category, and thanks to her refine she outspeeds quite a lot already:

There’s definitely room for improvement, but as I sad - I’m not aiming for maximum speed here


Was just doing mythic banner battle when I came across this thread.


Savvy fighter is better than hardy fighter in PoL, 99.99% of situations. That’s all I have to add.