Speedy Black Knight?

With the Trait Fruit coming, and the new dragon flower cap, Black Knight can reach a Spd of 43 at +10 with Spd boon and dragonflowers. 43 isn’t top tier speed anymore but it’s not that bad either.
I was wondering if this is worth the Trait fruit, You could run him with a atk/spd solo skill and special fighter to make good use of the speed for example. (not having to rely on bold fighter or QR is nice)
Black luna is still a great special and having a DC weapon is nice for archers and daggers (obviously he still cant tank a mage)
Anyone else planned to run a speedy mixed phase BK? I’m Curious about ideas.

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I already run a speedy BK build, and I don’t plan to change it.

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Is this a general build, or a specific mode type of thing?

I’m on the fence about armored units with no way of self sustain and self mobility.

And even against archers it’s still kinda meh for me since, if we’re talking about the more PvP oriented modes, the most common archers are, what, Legendary Alm and Legendary Chrom? And can’t they both shred him to bits, and are used in conjunction with Broken Azura?

If we’re talking PvE, then I guess? Although I dunno if it’s worth using IV Fruit on a unit solely for PvE. But that’s just me.

Speedy BK builds are a thing, but I’d do it without the fruit.

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I feel like +spd won’t change much because he’s in a spot where he’ll continue to double units that he usually doubles and continued to be doubled by units that doubles him.

imo Slaying edge+DC+SF is his best build currently because speed has been too inflated for him to keep up.


He can easily hit 50 SPD with a +SPD roll and Alondite. All he needs is A/S Solo 4 or LD4. Hell, even Brazen A/S 3 would work, though it requires a threshold. My build has him at 57 SPD when in Vantage threshold, with 70 ATK.

57 SPD make it pretty easy to contend with the vast majority of the roster.

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Well I currently dont use him anywhere so im just looking at options to make him worth using again.

What about atk/spd push4?

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Acceptable substitution; but I personally try to avoid Burn damage unless I have some form of sustain, even if it’s just something as simple as Mystic Boost.

hope we’ll have an armor version of what the infantry units are getting with this generation. waves of improvements for certain movement types happen pretty often so its no too far out there right

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Armor march is a decent sacred seal option, but im not a huge fan of needing 2 armor units.

Speedy BK

Speedy bruger king

hes fast food



I thought the point was to get into vantage.

If burn mattered, wouldnt special fighter be the solution?

All it takes is one mage to hit Vantage Range. I avoid Burn damage because Hardy Bearing is a thing and could easily throw a wrench in him, easily getting him killed if his HP is too low.

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