Speedy morph

Speedy Sonia worth it?

Eying this build but I might just capitalize on her bulk anyways.


It can definitely work :feh_eirikathink:
I would probably focus more on her bulk since that’s what her stat spread works best with, but if there’s one thing you can do in FEH it’s stack stats :feh_morganagrom:
Would probably go for Solos instead of Life & Death to help preserve her Def/Res.


Yes, Speedy Sonia can definitely work (doing a Speedy build myself) but you do have to put a lot of investment in Spd though so, if you’re fine with that, it works


While it does work, it’s not my preference.
Mostly cuz she feels like a worse Brunnya then.

Having mixed bulk and attack is more unique since even the other slow blue mages lack in def.

That aside IF you go speed, don’t go with that build. Simply put, it’s a bad build.
It massively hurts her bulk in order to gain the speed, destroying what she’s good at. I’d go for bonds and solos if you want speed.


Personally, unless you NEED visible Atk/Spd (such as using an AoE special) NEVER use LnD in the A slot (unless you really have no other options).


That’s my endgame plan. One of them, anyways. May give her a defensive option.


May I ask what the logic behind L&D is?

If you throw bulk away anyway..


Yeah, visible stats look cool but aren’t worth it over solos usually (AOE is one exception) imo.

Maintains bulk, makes her fast:

That’s effectively 70 Atk, 60 Spd, 40 Def, 43 Res there. Could change up the B or C for other effects (NFU, for example)


Because Flora Guide is not limited to PP, so I went with unconditional mix-phase ATK and SPD buffs to stack on the mix-phase SPD and RES debuffs on enemy units. At 52 SPD and 30 DEF/RES while still having almost 50 HP, she’ll still have good bulk to her, especially against a melee unit that would f-ck up Brunnya and not relying on being debuffed to utilize her tome.

Brunnya’s Fimbulvetr is a little less picky than that. She can be debuffed or below 100% HP. That’s why I like Fury on her

Note that stacking visible stat like that makes you a Chill magnet. It depends on the foes you face, of course, but if Sonya gets hit with a Chill Spd or Chill Atk (or Chill Atk/Spd glares at that stupid fast bitch, Jill) she’ll be impacted heavily while Brunnya happily welcomes Chills. Which is why I personally like Fury on her.


I’m not worried about Chills, and I still don’t care about Brunnya. There’s a reason I’ve never used her and never plan to.

Plus, Sonia has a major advantage over Brunnya.

But from a more practical standpoint, Sonia is better to build because she has significantly more flexibility than Brunnya has. I can build Sonia offensive, defensive, however she needs to be built to fit a team. My primarily build will be the Flora Guide one, but I also have a CC/D/R Bond tank build that she could easily use just as well.

But from a more practical standpoint, Sonia is better to build because she has significantly more flexibility than Brunnya has.

It is fine if you don’t want to run Brunnya but this is straight up wrong.

Brunnya is perfectly capable of running a variety of builds. The only thing that generally stays the same with her is her weapon, because Fimbulvetr is one hell of a good Prf. I’ve seen Brunnyas with Close Foil, Fury, Mystic Boost, various Smokes, and various Lulls. She can run Spiral, she can run Time’s Pulse. She even has the Res to be a supportive Ploy/Sabotager. I run two completely different builds on my own Brunnya; one for AR and one for general use.

Don’t spout BS because you dislike or aren’t interested in a unit


I’ve yet to see a Brunnya that I haven’t been able to completely annihilate in CQC. I’ve seen them with Close Foil and Fury too. Still ahsn’t saved 'em.

“That I haven’t been able to annihilate”

There you have it. If you can annihilate an AI Brunnya in close quarters, it should be just as easy to annihilate AI Sonyas. Sonya have more Def but less Spd and no good access to Guard aside from Stances. It is just as simple to wipe her out if she’s an AI

Your argument was Sonya is “way more flexibile”, by the way, and that’s what I was nitpicking. I was not trying to argue that Brunnya doesn’t have crap Def, because she absolutely does.

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It could work,but I’d prefer to keep her bulk intact and use imo better alternatives.


Yes, tell me how much easier it is to tank with 32 w/ Foil(conditionally 36, factoring Fimbulvetr) DEF than it is to tank with 40 (conditionally 50). I’m all ears as to how 14 less DEF makes for a better tank.

Stop putting words in my mouth. I never said Brunnya was a better tank. You said Brunnya is not as flexible as Sonya, which was my argument. Then you went and pulled the “I haven’t found a Brunnya I haven’t been able to demolish in CQC” which is some big time false equivalence. Tank units are almost always bad in AI hands anyway, unless they pull some bullshit like B-Edelgard or B-Hector (or when Save skills get involved).

It’s true that Sonya takes physical hits much better but that doesn’t make Brunnya a bad tank herself. The two of them can both run a variety of builds, so they are both flexible, but Sonya runs some better and Brunnya runs some better. Saying Brunnya is a less flexible unit just because she trades Def for Spd (especially when Spd is also an important defensive stat, particularly when running skills like NFU) is an incredibly ignorant take, and that’s what got me going.


I’m just going to stick with her bulk… I already have 2 +10 fast Blue mages that hits 42+ spd without stacking 2 L&D


I think that’s what imma do. My Guinevere and ilyana fill that role


Sadly in order for my Sonia to have her best weapon it’ll either cost me 20k feathers and 500 grails, or months of waiting and 20k feathers

And I mean with all of these guys with high Spd stats I think I’m good

Even if Olwens Spd is only 36, she has Atk/Spd push4 and Lull Spd/Res so that brings it to 46 without a seal. And then Corrin and Ishtar aren’t even highly merged