Spicy build for LAwood

Just wanted to share this LAwood build because I see everyone run slaying lance on him and honestly as an arena unit he performs so well with this build. My team runs full tactic buffs + chills to everything but res, so he can double as a great support unit in arena as well as a cold blooded killer in everything else

It’s certainly an interesting build, Nice job! La bois is looking pretty good.

Fury with Special Fighter…?

I mean, I guess he’s a supporter so he won’t see much combat, but that still seems counterintuitive to me.

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With his 63 HP, it may work. At least if his defense could go up a bit

There is a reason Slaying Lance is used. It brings Aether’s cooldown to 4, which lets him activate it every round when he doubles with Special Fighter.

Renewal Seal might be an option to help LAwood keep his HP high enough to be in SF range.