Spite characters salt time

maybe this is just an excuse to complain abt l!azura with seliphs banner starting tomorrow but alas,

i do wanna hear about other peoples “spite units”, like characters who, for all intents and purposes, are pretty good, but circumstances have caused you to hate them

mine is legendary azura, cause no matter who else im summoning for, i always get at least two of her and often none of who i want. l!chroms banner killed me. im so tired
(eir too, but to a lesser extent cause she has good fodder at least)


L!Ephraim. He’s not bad, but just not someone I’m super interested in. But he always seems to share with L!Lucina, who I’m merging.


Surtr pitybroke me 4 times on one banner going for Gunnthra.
I hate him.

I hated him so much I foddered one to Silas and one to Lene for some god damn reason lol.


Summer Cordelia

I needed 4 copies of Legendary Lucina on her second banner to finish her off, and I ended up getting 14 Cordelias before my 4th Lucina

I hated Cordelia anyway and this banner didn’t help her case at all

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l! lucina always seems to share with garbo units
yune always seems to share with garbo units (want her for sabotage res)
sothis used to but red lately has been far better than it used to be


Sue and lil bitch kana because everytime I’m going green, they just magically appear in my barracks.

L!Tiki, the bane of my quest to merge Fjorm. I hate using Armors so Bold Fighter is useless and I don’t care for offensive Breath skills. By extension, Peony, L!Azura and L!Ephraim also qualify as they either have no good fodder or don’t need the merges. This alone has caused me to loathe pulling on Legendary/Mythic banners. The restricted 5 Star pool may be good at times to others but unit quality is subjective and more often than not I find myself disappointed by the pool selections


she got dat hone spd 4 doe


Back before the demotes happened, I got 2 pity breaker 5* Mathildas in the same summoning circle on the 1st winter banner (with W!Robin). I was extra lucky I guess, cause I happened to get 2 pity breaker 5* Tanas on that same banner as well.
I can’t think of anything more recent because I have been good at not summoning excessively so I haven’t run across anyone extra annoying.
Edit: I’ve actually gotten pity broken by B!Micaiha 3 times and I don’t care for her at all (I’m glad I did get pity broken by her though because now I have ground orders fodder).

My most recent one has been Male Grima. Keeps popping up and Vengeful is the least useful Fighter Skill to use for myself. He’s been outclassed and no +Atk copies have appeared.

I also keep getting Ryoma but at the very least Repel/CC and Kestrel Stance 3 existing have made him more appealing as of late. Grima has gotten NOTHING since his debut and I’m tired of him

Hoo boy, here we go:


Apotheosis Anna, Surtr, Loki, Legendary Lucina, Legendary Azura, Mila, Cordelia, Summer Cordelia, Eliwood, Naesala, Fallen Corrin female, Fallen Julia, Legendary Julia, Larcei, Aversa, Brave Veronica, Brave Camilla, Kronya, Duo Hector, Duo Alm, Harmonic Mia, Thrasir, Lif, Legendary Leif, Bridal Fjorm, Ninian, Kagero, Sonya, Both Kanas and Duma

Edit: Flying Olivia, performing Azura, New Year’s Azura

(Because of bad luck/Bad matchups in Aether Raids)

Valentian Catria. The reason? This:


Not many I actually don’t want to face asides the usual cancer units like L!Azura, or get like one of the older 5★s breaking a rate when aiming for someone else, I haven’t put enough thought into that.

This is more of a list of units that I don’t like to get, let’s start with this someone I don’t even want to bother myself with:

I literally foddered one out of spite to Idoun, he used to block me so often, I’m so lazy to max his [Hero Merit]… I still have another one made manual.

Then, this guy:

Seriously, us Lucina fans have to keep seeing how her Legendary version will continue to share with him each time they both return :ferdyfrown:.
He broke a 10% I had when aiming for L!Julia, it’s good he helped on a [Limited Hero Battle] and all but still…

Then, him, he’s a common threat in the meta, a fast, offensive unit.
I got four of him in the banner and while I like his character, it’s not fun someone blocks you from getting someone else, adding the fact that someone carries delicious fodder… :upside_down_face:

And, not a pitybreaker so it’s not as bad, but I get too much Rein, I’ve lost any willpower I had in building him so if I need [Vantage 3] I know I have plenty of spares…but honestly, I don’t need that much fodder so I’ll most likely turn most of the manuals of his in [Hero Feathers]:


I dunno, I guess I’m sick of fighting Legendary Azuras. They’re a pain, and seemingly everyone has one.

For summoning I guess Helbindi, M!Grima, Y!Tiki, Lysithea, and probably a few others I can’t think of atm

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I really dislike these two with a passion


As far as fighting - any and all BS cheese units (Ophelia, L!Azura, B!Ike, Etc.) as they are so damn common in AR they make the entire mode boring af.


I don’t really have anyone I hate ; I’m mostly indifferent to things around me. :feh_lucyshrug:

I could say that I kinda hate my favourite character for having so many alts and giving people excuses to increase the hate towards her, but it’s not I could control that soooooo yeah… :pensive:

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Siegbert and Summer Linde have shown up more times than i would like them to.

Siegbert has pitybroken me 7 times across the years
and Linde showed up 4 times on Duma’s banner. Not a single Duma or Loki, just 4 Linde’s.

As for fighting units, well i get really pissed off seeing Thrasir on Light season (happens more often than it should). Otherwise nothing really.

Fiora. I don’t like her pitybreaking me twice
Mustafa. three 5-stars and one 4-star? You gotta be kiddin me
5-stars that are clearly demote (Echidna, Libra, Mercedes)

L. Eliwood cucked me 5 times while I was trying for Líf.

That’s all I can think of lmao.

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mm forgot about that banner

larcei for screwing me out lif 8 times
eliwood for screwing me out of lif 5 times