Splashy Bucket Inheritance

I just pulled a pitiful +def/-hp hostile springs hinoka. Shes essentially useless other than skill fodder so cam someone explain how inheritance of her weapon works?

Does a colorless dagger turn green? Do they stay colorless? What about a blue dagger user like Ylgr with or red dagger like NY Eir? Her weapon seems very useful… has anyone else inherited her weapon to a different unit and how do you like the result? Thanks in advance.

It turns to whatever color the dagger user is
If you give it to Kaze, it’s colorless
If you give it to Ylgr, it’s blue
Don’t forget to level her up and get her dragonflowers first!


Perfect. Thanks for the input. Def gonna get those dragonflowers first too

Has anyone inherited this skill? How’d you like it?

Kaze seems like a good choice

@Mysterym1ster has a Splashy Bucket Kaze iirc
He works pretty well in GC and RD

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I don’t actually but I’m still familiar with Kaze
So basically yeah, he’s good with it. Nulls the adaptive damage and has effectiveness against dragons, so quite useful. Doesn’t have the healing Mystic Boost has so it can be better used with Desperation. (Especially opposed to Dragonslasher since that has Hardy Bearing in it.)
Uh, yeah, basically he’s a really good option.

Here is my Kaze, he usually has Tropical Treats but I decided to swap it for now


High Res units make the best use of the weapon since they are meant to counter dragons. Tethys is another example of a good inheritor, since she’s gonna be supporting her allies otherwise, and can run Dual Chills to help support her allies

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I have Spashy Bucket on H!Sakura (Kaze has a similar stat spread) and she destroys dragons and Mages in AR. So I would definitely reccomended Kaze if you don’t want to go the pretentious expensive option like me.

I’m thinking high res units. Dragonkillers. So someone like Kaze is perfect