Splurging $100 on FEH

I must advise people, lest they go through the same torment I went through.

Do not buy orbs and spend them immediately. FEH has a system where they calculate the amount of 5 star units you get depending on your last purchases. I spent $100, used them immediately, and only got an Embla out of the 300 orbs I used. Spare yourself the torture.

I joke. In all seriousness, I encourage you to play this game without spending real money, or you will end up suffering (unless you’re well off enough).

Thank you. Baibai.




This is why I save for months and then splurge a ton at once, and why I only spend on guaranteed things now.

200-300 Orb droughts are not unusual in this game.


Spending money is too big of a bet on an RNG feature. Good thing I can stay where I want while being entirely free.


I’m more surprised that 100$ is enough for 300 Orbs nowadays


Thank you, I won’t.

I always joke about how silly it is to spend real currency on a celphone videogame, and let alone how ass our conversion into US$ is over here. I could buy much more useful stuff with that kind of money.


That’s why I buy bundles at most, and hoard the rest. In cases like the Black Friday bundles, where we have several lasting a month, I split them up betaeen pay periods.

And, when I spend my orbs, I only ever go until Spark unless it’s someone I really want to merge (like the Duo Corrin I just finished that had no Spark.)